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  • What do you do to manage your RA pain and what can you share with others?

    What invisible aspects of RA would you like others to know about?

    How do you explain RA symptoms to others?

    Share your thoughts and tell us how long did it take you to get an RA diagnosis?

    Hi fellow RA suffers, I have been on Methotrexate since November 2019. I have seen some improvement but it is very slow going. I am regaining strength in my hands and wrists. I still cannot do some of the simple things I am used to doing, although the swelling has decreased since November 2019. Funny how you don’t realize how much you rely on your hands, wrists and fingers until they no longer function properly. My doctor said there was no damage to the joints. The knuckles/fingers of the index/middle fingers on both hands were affected. Both wrists were affected and they cause most of the pain. I am on 15 mg of MTX per week. My question is for the long time Methotrexate users: Will I ever have full use of my hands/wrists again? Or has the reduced swelling I have enjoyed so far as good as I can hope for. Also, is there a point when you can wean yourself off of MTX? Although I am taking folic acid, I realize there is an ever-present danger of cancer. I watch my diet, I don’t drink and realize that if eat tomato-based products I will pay for it.

    Has anybody tried this new med? It is a JAK like Xeljanz. It was just approved in August, I think. My doctor wants me to take it with my MTX. We had to stop the Actemra because I kept an itchy rash, swollen lips and tongue.

    I experienced chest pain on the left side, around my ribs, which increased and radiated around my back. I couldn't sleep on my left side. It lasted most of the day, and I finally thought I was having a heart attack. After a trip to ER, numerous tests, it was not heart related. I went to Rheumatologist, who dismissed RA involvement. My primary doctor gave me a prednisone tapering script. However, being an RN, I researched and found connections to RA..???. Has anyone ever had these symptoms? I still feel soreness in left chest rib area, whenever I 'm feeling other RA symptoms sending me to the tylenol. Any comments?

    Hi. I am new to this forum. I was diagnosed with Lyme disease in April 2019. Because of discomfort in my hands the RA factor was done which was 117. In October the RA factor was 137. The rheumatologist ordered blood tests for other RA indicators and Sjorgrens syndrome and all were negative. I have fatigue, morning hand and elbow discomfort and very dry eyes (optometrist says I have blerpitus (not correct spelling). My eyes feel very heavy. Not sure how to handle my symptoms. And is it possible the RA factor positive from the Lyme? Any assistance or advise would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    Hi everyone, I was diagnosed with RA in November of 2016. I think now I may be on the verge of considering a job change. In that vein, I am trying to get an idea of what jobs or careers would work best for those of us with RA. What types of jobs/careers do you work in? Do you work full-time or part-time? What difficulties have you experienced on the job? Thank you.

    I have been experiencing more bouts of Veritgo lately, and wondering how many others may have Vertigo? I read there may be a link between RA and Vertigo. My first attack was 3 days of vomiting and not being able to even open my eyes. As I have more, the severity is less but they last much longer - my current one is going on for a week now. I constantly feel as if I have just gotten off the Merry-Go-Round or Tilt-A-Whirl after too long of a ride. Head movement and car travel makes it worse. I take meclazine 3 times a day and it doesn't seem to help.

    A dentistry is a place where people can get dental treatments and they can get rid of their dental issues. After care plays a very important part in this. When you have completed your dental treatment, all the precautions given by the dentist should be followed. Whether it is about anesthesia, dental extractions or space maintainers aftercare should be given importance in all cases.

    Am desperate to find something that will arrest the onslaught of my Rheumatoid. Have been harmed by 2 medications and am sick of being sick. I read Medical Cannabis in the form of Sativex/Nabiximols is arresting Rheumatoid, MS and other auto immune diseases Osteoarthritis and Diabetes. It is legal in USA/Canada and hopefully soon Australia. Anyone trying it.

    Hello to all.... New to the group.... just diagnosed with severe arthritis in my neck..... Did anybody ever feel like your entire back is bruised? Thank you POP

    I’m 41. I’ve been dealing with life long crippling depression and anxiety. Sometimes it’s manageable. Sometimes not. I’ve had electric shock therapy and tried every medication and treatment out there. I have an excellent psychiatrist and therapist I see weekly. Just managing this alone is hard. Especially when I have a 6 year old. I broke my hip 2 years ago and had a total replacement. Found out I have osteoporosis. It dislocated 4 months ago. So I have that chronic pain to deal with. I also have lifelong Orthopedic problems in my feet resulting in a number of surgeries. I need another one. I saw the orthopedic Dr about the pain in my feet lately. Did an mri and discovered I have sever Synovitis which eventually led to my RA diagnosis. Started DMARDS about 6 weeks ago. No relief yet. Flare ups have intensified. I’m going to the dr today to talk about prednisone. I’m worried about that affecting my depression and anxiety and weight. I’m 230 and 5’6. I went to a bariatric surgeon last week with high hopes but she said she wanted me to be mentally stable for a year even though my psychiatrist said it was ok. My depression meds make me hungry. These are the best luck we’ve had and I’m not going to change them. I’m doing physical therapy 3 times a week and doing the exercises at home. I just feel so lost and discouraged. The weight contributes to my illness and depression. I can’t get the weight off because of my mental health. It’s a horrible circle. The most important thing to me is to be a good mom. I feel like I’m totally failing. I’m either crying or in bed with the heating pad. When I do play with her I’m so anxious I’m not in the moment and cant stop worrying. We started kindergarten this year and I’m trying to keep up with public school and all the activities and her extracurricular activities. Trying to run the house and keep it clean and just keep up with everything. I did not need this diagnosis. I have an excellent support system and am doing what I can with relaxation and meditation but I’m just so jittery. I can’t make my brain stop. These flare ups are awful. I have old codeine and that helps but I only have so much. I feel like I’m drowning. I’m so scared about RA. I used to be a dynamic social worker in a super high stress job before this last horrible depression hospitalized me 5 years ago. I feel no sense of worth. No self esteem especially because I’m so much bigger than the other moms. I’m doing everything. Therapy, exercise, meds but I’m just failing. I feel like a failure in every way. Please help me.

    I'm currently taking Actemra shots once a week. I've already been on Methotrexate, Humira, Enbrel, and Xeljanz. I've been on the Actemra since June. In the past few weeks I have developed red bumps on both legs, arms, and red blotches on my forehead. My left earlobe is swollen and red. Some of the red bumps look almost like pimples, with a whitehead. Has anyone else had these side effects. Also, I've been told my other two choices are Orencia or Remicade. Have those drugs helped? I know I need to call my Rheumatologist, but want to be informed before I do so. Thank you.

    My wife has been afflicted with RA for much of her life and also has OsteoArthritis. Humira seems to be helping her RA symtoms, but does nothing for her OA symptoms. The only thing that helps the OA symptoms seems to be Prednisone - which is a problem. Her Rheumatologist recommended that she wean herself off Prednisone, which she did. BUT the ensuing OA pain was so severe that she resumed taking a minimum dose of Prednisone just to be able to function. Thus far, there seems to be nothing else that relieves the OA symptoms but Prednisone. The Rheumatologist says he can refer her to a Pain Management specialist and has no other recommendation other than opiod derivatives (which she reacts very badly to!) Our Daughter-in-law has had some very painful medical conditions relieved by the use of CBD and other cannabinoids and highly recommends them for relief from OA. Any input from all y'all would be welcome!

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    Do most like the gluten free diet or Mediterranean diet for RA. I don't know which one is best. Thanks

    I was on arava for a couple months and my hair started falling out and my stomach hurt so bad I thought I needed my gallbladder out. They took me off of it in September but it's December and my hair is still falling out. Will it ever stop? Will it grow back once the med is out of my system?

    So ive been to ,y rheumatologist a few times so far still with no true diagnoses... i have not been able to get the anti ccp test to this date whoch is whats actually stalling the disgnoses. I was wonderkmg if anyone knows if one can have a positive rf with joimt and muscle pain and not actually have ra?

    How has weather made an impact on your RA? Does heat affect your RA? or Does the cold? Maybe both do. Please join the discussion about Weather and RA and tell us how you cope with weather changes.
Viewing 21 topics - 1 through 20 (of 566 total)