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  • How do you explain RA symptoms to others?

    What do you do to manage your RA pain and what can you share with others?

    What invisible aspects of RA would you like others to know about?

    Share your thoughts and tell us how long did it take you to get an RA diagnosis?

    My doctor is recommending this infusion for me. I would like to know others' experience with it, especially as to side effects.

    I started Humira a little over 2 months ago. Just wondering how long before I notice the results. Visiting says I should start to notice but doctor says I have a ways to go. I have much pain in my feet which I used to treat with cortisone injections but the doc wants to hold off on these for now. This impedes my usual exercise of walking. Thoughts?

    Diagnosed in Oct 2017, not had much luck with medication. I read on the internet that apparently a dairy free and gluten free diet can help with the symptoms of RA. I was just wondering if anyone has tried the dairy and gluten free diet and if so, did you see any improvements? Is it worth trying?

    I have a lot of similar symptoms of RA but have no stiffness or swelling, do most normally experience swelling with the pain?

    I used to workout a lot before I was dx with RA. Since the time I was dx several years ago, I have gained 80lbs. RA hit me really hard and we have had a really hard time finding a drug to control it. A couple times over the last couple years I have had rare times where I felt good and have worked out, I would feel weird, Like there was a electrical current running trough my body, and I couldn't work out with any kind of intensity. When I would work out with my friends that knew e pre RA I would push myself harder then I would then I would if I was working out solo, and it would seem I would end up in a flare. Anyway, recently I was started on a new med and hope to lose some weight , I started some easy workouts and those electrical currents are back. To make it worse when I went to see my former trainer and to tell him I need to lose some weight and we were talking about workouts, he was telling me to hit it hard, and I said I don't know if I can ever hit it as hard as I did back before RA, and he rolled his eyes. I'm sure it sounded like a excuse, but I don't think he understands, I don't want excuses, I want to give it everything I have, but don't don't know how or what is happening to me. I have been to my pcp, but she wants to blame everything on RA, my rheumatologist has done some blood work as it pertains to RA.

    Good morning! I've been seeing a lot of ads lately for legal help if you've taken Actemera and suffered adverse reactions. I don't recall seeing other biologics gettig this kind of attention. Is there anything to it? That's the next biologic recommended for me, I've been off all RA drugs for nearly a year now. I know with ANY of these powerful treatments there's higher risk for some than others, I've just never seen such ads on any of the others. Thank you for any insight and experience.

    When I was first diagnosed with RA last year, first thing I thought of was drug after drug the rest of my life. So I joined a gym and changed my diet, started to walk 20 minutes 3 times a week and have yet to take any drugs. The statement” you are what you eat “ is very true. I went to a sort of Mediterranean diet, cut out sugar, meat except grass fed beef in hamburger, any soda, artificial sweetener, any and all processed foods. Except coffee. Gotta have my coffee with organic cream... I basically eat fish, sweet potato, oatmeal and lots of blueberries, raspberries, bananas and for lunch I either have a veggie smoothie, or a veggie burger w/ avocado, tomato and spinach in a pita bread. Dinner eggs w/toast, or fish sweet potato, or tuna fish w/organic mayo...I now have zero inflammation but my fingers will always hurt and are getting crooked. Anyway I also see people never mention God. As a Catholic I get to church 2-3 times a week, pray many rosary’s and put it on before bed and I sleep the night. Sad if anyone feels God does not apply to your life because he is the best medicine, the best doctor there is. And if you have no faith, you may just continue to suffer. This all works for me. I am not young either. Perhaps one day I may need drugs but no thank you.

    I’ve been receiving treatment for 6 months for RA. My rheumatologist wants to treat it aggressively which is fine by me. I started with Sulfasalazine and after 6 weeks started Methotrexate. After another 10 weeks he said to discontinue the Sulfasalazine in order to start Cimzia. I’ve had 4 doses of Cimzia since then. Meanwhile night sweats which have plagued me which had greatly diminished in frequency and strength when I discontinued the Sulfasalazine have returned. Also, although I feel my wrist, hand, and ankle are fairly well stabilized and under control, my knee continues on its diabolical way. It was better before starting the Cimzia. The rheumatologist has given me permission to go back to Sulfasalazine and I started yesterday. Whew! That’s a long-winded way to my question - has anyone had a similar experience and, if so, what was it? If you had relief from the resumption of the medication, how long did it take? I feel lucky in that I seem pretty tolerant to all these meds so far so I’m hoping the trio work! Thanks in advance for anything you can share.

    I just had a follow up with my doctor and she prescribed hydroxychloroquine. I am nervous about taking it because I was told that it could cause me to lose my vision. I already have vision problems (have for years) but I recently started getting floaters and flashes. I was wondering what experience others have had with taking this medication and was the result worth the risk? Thanks

    So I'm trying to better understand if my symptoms are rooting from two herniated discs C5 to C7 and 4 Lumbar bulging discs or an Autoimmune disease. I'm currently seeing a spine specialist whom tells me the symptoms could be stemming from my spine but we have no certain answer even after numerous MRI's. The symptoms My pain rotates within the hands,wrists, ankles, and feet; this can vary from actual joint or in random locations. The pain rotates very frequent, never one area hurts for a long period at a time before it changes. Numbness in numerous fingers intermittently Burning sensations right side of neck and hotspot burning in tricep occasionally. The pain type can be an electric shooting pain, aching, or burning. I've also noticed my fingers, toes, and ears will fluctuate in temperature, normally very cold. I've also noticed the back of my legs have dull aching when I sit for long periods now. Tests performed: Neck and Full back MRI / Xrays - Herniated C5-6, 4 Lower bulging discs All of the autoimmune tests which all returned normal, twice. Next they'll be performing a Myelogram Treatments so far: I've had a Epidural Steroid Injection into my cervical area. In the past I've always had back pain, recently very abruptly my hands and feet began hurting all of the sudden at once. One last note, I've spent most of my life in the gym training as a bodybuilder. Any insight from people that were diagnosed with RA, do my symptoms sound as if I could have seronegative RA?

    Got new lab results from my new Rheumie last week. I was absolutely shocked that my RA factor was over 800. No wonder I feel so bad. Is anyone else's this high?

    My mom died because of a brain tumor, the doctor told us it can be heredity, so there is a chance that it will pass to me. I am afraid now because of the symptoms, i started to have headaches every morning and it worsens every day. My friend told me that certain drugs can help prevent or control them. I am afraid to go to a doctor, so i looked for an alternative solution and i came across this one kind of marijuana that can be used as a medicine. I am not sure if this thing works, does anybody tried it before? I need some help here...

    A big problem for me is that with my ongoing lack of strength and flexibility I’m having trouble cleaning my home. Right now the biggest challenge is the bathtub. Does anyone have suggestions on a product that I can simply spray on, wait a while and rinse off that actually does the job? Or another way to clean it that doesn’t require crouching down and scrubbing, both of which I can’t do anymore. Is there a place here where we can exchange helpful tips on working around or adapting to the challenge of RA when it comes to necessary chores? Thanks for reading.

    Got some answers today at the rheum.....well as close to an actual answer as I suppose I am going to get at least for now. She believes that I do, in fact, have RA. I played devil's advocate......trying to make sure it wasn't just osteo alone, or me being a whimp, or just the perfect storm of a bunch of issues that wasn't reeeeeralllly RA. She said although no one can be 100 percent sure, you have to go by all the pieces of the puzzle. In going over my medical history, x-rays, symptoms, reactions to meds so far. It all points to RA. She told me to stop (thank GOODness) the Lyrica. Instead she wants me to try Celebrex and then Methotrexate. The Celebrex I am more than onboard with. Hoping something besides pred. will work for pain. The Metho.....I really want to research. So there it is. It helps somewhat to at least, know what I am dealing with.

    Is anyone one Xelijanx. and if so how is it working for you? I got it prescribed, but I’m not ready to take it and I’ve been in pain lately.

    Hey all! I was told by my rheumy that I was in remission 3 years ago. I couldn't believe it. After 35 years with RA I was certain that would never be a reality for me. But it is! From that moment on I lived life like I always had though. Eatting whatwver I wanted. When I wanted. My activity was moving from the couch to the bed. In July of 2017 I reached a weight In was scared of. 272 lbs. I have been overweight my whole adult life but this was scary. My doctor also shared with me that my blood pressure was at a very scary level. 188/142 I was ashamed and scared. Yes my body still hurt, but not like it had. There was NO EXCUSE for my current condition. My meds were working, Humira, methotrexate and Celebrex together had calmed my RA from a roaring lion to.a purring kitten. If I wanted to live to enjoy life in remission I had to change my lifestyle. I had been vlogging on YouTube but I wasn't being open about the current situation. I decided to sit down with my camera and come clean. I wanted to feel BETTER. I began eliminating carbs, sugar and salt. My love of potato chips, bread and McDonald's fries went. I began earring fresh veggies, fruit, while grains in moderation and drinking more water. As of today I am down 32 lbs. More importantly I feel EVEN better than ever. My inflammation is nil. I move with ease and I Have NO morning stiffness. I love to go for walks and not hurt after. For the first time ever I am seeong what it is like to jave muscle pain. Not joint pain. I share my story so that you all can perhaps see some inspiration. I am 40 years old and was diagnosed at 2. I know only this life and I want to share my journey with you all! Here's the link to my latest vlog. The journey continues.....

    I have been experiencing more bouts of Veritgo lately, and wondering how many others may have Vertigo? I read there may be a link between RA and Vertigo. My first attack was 3 days of vomiting and not being able to even open my eyes. As I have more, the severity is less but they last much longer - my current one is going on for a week now. I constantly feel as if I have just gotten off the Merry-Go-Round or Tilt-A-Whirl after too long of a ride. Head movement and car travel makes it worse. I take meclazine 3 times a day and it doesn't seem to help.
Viewing 21 topics - 1 through 20 (of 544 total)