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  • My doctor is recommending this infusion for me. I would like to know others' experience with it, especially as to side effects.

    What are the hardest parts of playing tennis with RA? Read that's is good and bad, manageable and painful if anyone plays with their RA it would be extremely beneficial to hear from you because I love the sport so much and don't want to stop. Currently, believe changing grips and trying to maintain correct technique is the trickiest bit but would love to hear if anyone has any experience. Thanks

    When you want to do dressing, zipper pulls and buttoning aids can help you fasten clothing or you can also choose to wear clothing with Velcro fasteners, if available that is arthritis device of long handling shoehorn extends your reach without bending.supplement for cartilage repair

    Share your thoughts and tell us how long did it take you to get an RA diagnosis?

    I'm currently taking Actemra shots once a week. I've already been on Methotrexate, Humira, Enbrel, and Xeljanz. I've been on the Actemra since June. In the past few weeks I have developed red bumps on both legs, arms, and red blotches on my forehead. My left earlobe is swollen and red. Some of the red bumps look almost like pimples, with a whitehead. Has anyone else had these side effects. Also, I've been told my other two choices are Orencia or Remicade. Have those drugs helped? I know I need to call my Rheumatologist, but want to be informed before I do so. Thank you.

    Good morning! I've been seeing a lot of ads lately for legal help if you've taken Actemera and suffered adverse reactions. I don't recall seeing other biologics gettig this kind of attention. Is there anything to it? That's the next biologic recommended for me, I've been off all RA drugs for nearly a year now. I know with ANY of these powerful treatments there's higher risk for some than others, I've just never seen such ads on any of the others. Thank you for any insight and experience.

    Am desperate to find something that will arrest the onslaught of my Rheumatoid. Have been harmed by 2 medications and am sick of being sick. I read Medical Cannabis in the form of Sativex/Nabiximols is arresting Rheumatoid, MS and other auto immune diseases Osteoarthritis and Diabetes. It is legal in USA/Canada and hopefully soon Australia. Anyone trying it.

    We have laying hens and sell heirloom organic produce at the local Farmers' Market weekly or as we are able. Fatigue is my biggest challenge, with pain running a close second. We love our hens and the nourishing whole foods we produce, but we are learning that we have to manage our priorities carefully. Our two horse passed from old age a few years ago and we miss our therapeutic trail rides. Anyone else out there trying to start or hold onto a rural way of living?

    Lately, I have been met with an accident where one of my ankles get sprain. How to treat Inverted Ankle Sprain:-

    Hi, I saw in a recent article about what helps people with pain and someone mentioned Chinese herbs given to them by an acupuncturist. I am not sure if that person is still on the boards but if anyone has experience with this I am curious. I am getting acupuncture which does help and taking tons of supplements. I have changed my eating completely which also helps but continue to have episodes of traveling swelling and pain. It is not near as bad as two months ago and I have not taken Advil in a month. I was given some herbs but of course always worry about safety of any product. If anyone has any feedback or specific formulations (there are TONS of Chinese options) I would appreciate it. I am not on any DMARDS. My next step would be LDN if this doesn't work. Thanks!

    I am 37 years old, all my life I have had curly hair, ringlets, that is until about 2 months ago. I got my hair cut as I do about every 6 months, and I cut it short which I have had done before, but this time it was different. It stopped curling, I would now say my hair is straight. I have to work very hard to get it to curl just a bit. I hate it! I miss my curls and I miss my frizz. My hair dresser was stumped and said maybe it has just changed. I don't buy that, hair doesn't go from extremely curly to almost straight. I also don't think a cut can change the texture of your hair. So I started wondering if it was the medication I am on. I take hydroxychloriquine. I did some googling and found two cases where people said they went from straight to curly hair but not much evidence. So I emailed my nurse and she spoke to my doctor, they said I could try two weeks not taking the drug and see if that helps - it has not. I don't personally think 2 weeks is long enough to get the drug out of my system an allow changes to happen. I also don't feel like they would take it as a serious issue/side effect if it was the medication. Has any one else experienced anything like this? It is all I can think about, people are commenting asking me what happened to my hair and I can't do anything about it. I am growing it again in hopes this new straight hair looks better longer. I just hate this new hair, it is limp and lifeless. Any help would be appreciated, I would like to go armed with information when I approach my medical team next.

    I’m 41. I’ve been dealing with life long crippling depression and anxiety. Sometimes it’s manageable. Sometimes not. I’ve had electric shock therapy and tried every medication and treatment out there. I have an excellent psychiatrist and therapist I see weekly. Just managing this alone is hard. Especially when I have a 6 year old. I broke my hip 2 years ago and had a total replacement. Found out I have osteoporosis. It dislocated 4 months ago. So I have that chronic pain to deal with. I also have lifelong Orthopedic problems in my feet resulting in a number of surgeries. I need another one. I saw the orthopedic Dr about the pain in my feet lately. Did an mri and discovered I have sever Synovitis which eventually led to my RA diagnosis. Started DMARDS about 6 weeks ago. No relief yet. Flare ups have intensified. I’m going to the dr today to talk about prednisone. I’m worried about that affecting my depression and anxiety and weight. I’m 230 and 5’6. I went to a bariatric surgeon last week with high hopes but she said she wanted me to be mentally stable for a year even though my psychiatrist said it was ok. My depression meds make me hungry. These are the best luck we’ve had and I’m not going to change them. I’m doing physical therapy 3 times a week and doing the exercises at home. I just feel so lost and discouraged. The weight contributes to my illness and depression. I can’t get the weight off because of my mental health. It’s a horrible circle. The most important thing to me is to be a good mom. I feel like I’m totally failing. I’m either crying or in bed with the heating pad. When I do play with her I’m so anxious I’m not in the moment and cant stop worrying. We started kindergarten this year and I’m trying to keep up with public school and all the activities and her extracurricular activities. Trying to run the house and keep it clean and just keep up with everything. I did not need this diagnosis. I have an excellent support system and am doing what I can with relaxation and meditation but I’m just so jittery. I can’t make my brain stop. These flare ups are awful. I have old codeine and that helps but I only have so much. I feel like I’m drowning. I’m so scared about RA. I used to be a dynamic social worker in a super high stress job before this last horrible depression hospitalized me 5 years ago. I feel no sense of worth. No self esteem especially because I’m so much bigger than the other moms. I’m doing everything. Therapy, exercise, meds but I’m just failing. I feel like a failure in every way. Please help me.

    I've been going to a pain management clinic for several months and I'm really frustrated. Because my pain is constant, significant, generalized, caused by RA/RD, Fibro, Pseudo-gout and degenerated disks/vertebrae and hasn't responded to 28 of the moderate to strong analgesics currently available, the Dr. directly prescribed opioids. After taking pills for one month without relief, I was prescribed Buprenorphine patches. Two months on the lowest dose (5 mcg/hour) didn't produce any effects, so the dose was upped to 7.5 mcg/hour. I'm on the third weekly patch and I haven't noticed any reduction in pain level, so I fear that the dose will be increased again, with the added risks. I haven't had any negative effects either, not even the common bowel problems. I've reseached numerous academic papers and found out that a very small percentage of the population is opioid resistant. This resistance can be due to two facts: a mutation of a certain liver enzime or lacking enough mu opioid receptors in the brain. I believe there is a test to determine the enzime mutation. Is anyone here opioid resistant? I'll be talking to my Dr. about this possibility at the next appointment, but wonder if anyone has experienced this situation and what may be next.

    Hello all My first post on here! I am going travelling to Thailand for 3 months and am taking a 3 month supply of Cimzia which I inject every 2 weeks and needs to be at fridge temperature. Can anyone recommend a really amazing cool bag or give me tips for keeping drugs cool enough? Thailand is so hot and travel can take a while. I don't want to spoil my meds in the first week and have to come home... Any advice much appreciated. Thanks! Abby

    Hello, I am a 51 year-old female recently diagnosed with RA and I work in fitness. I'm a group exercise instructor and a personal trainer. As I'm sure it is for everyone here, this has been very difficult news, especially as I'm concerned about my ability to continue to work in my field. My primary symptoms have been muscle pain after exercise and fatigue. When it started I had done some heavy workouts and thought I was coming down with the flu. I appreciate advice from anyone that also works in the fitness industry or that would like to offer some wisdom. I'm looking forward to reading the posts on this forum and learning more about RA and just connecting with others here. A big thank you to the moderators and those that keep this site going. It is very much appreciated!

    I’ve been receiving treatment for 6 months for RA. My rheumatologist wants to treat it aggressively which is fine by me. I started with Sulfasalazine and after 6 weeks started Methotrexate. After another 10 weeks he said to discontinue the Sulfasalazine in order to start Cimzia. I’ve had 4 doses of Cimzia since then. Meanwhile night sweats which have plagued me which had greatly diminished in frequency and strength when I discontinued the Sulfasalazine have returned. Also, although I feel my wrist, hand, and ankle are fairly well stabilized and under control, my knee continues on its diabolical way. It was better before starting the Cimzia. The rheumatologist has given me permission to go back to Sulfasalazine and I started yesterday. Whew! That’s a long-winded way to my question - has anyone had a similar experience and, if so, what was it? If you had relief from the resumption of the medication, how long did it take? I feel lucky in that I seem pretty tolerant to all these meds so far so I’m hoping the trio work! Thanks in advance for anything you can share.

    I have a lot of similar symptoms of RA but have no stiffness or swelling, do most normally experience swelling with the pain?

    When I was first diagnosed with RA last year, first thing I thought of was drug after drug the rest of my life. So I joined a gym and changed my diet, started to walk 20 minutes 3 times a week and have yet to take any drugs. The statement” you are what you eat “ is very true. I went to a sort of Mediterranean diet, cut out sugar, meat except grass fed beef in hamburger, any soda, artificial sweetener, any and all processed foods. Except coffee. Gotta have my coffee with organic cream... I basically eat fish, sweet potato, oatmeal and lots of blueberries, raspberries, bananas and for lunch I either have a veggie smoothie, or a veggie burger w/ avocado, tomato and spinach in a pita bread. Dinner eggs w/toast, or fish sweet potato, or tuna fish w/organic mayo...I now have zero inflammation but my fingers will always hurt and are getting crooked. Anyway I also see people never mention God. As a Catholic I get to church 2-3 times a week, pray many rosary’s and put it on before bed and I sleep the night. Sad if anyone feels God does not apply to your life because he is the best medicine, the best doctor there is. And if you have no faith, you may just continue to suffer. This all works for me. I am not young either. Perhaps one day I may need drugs but no thank you.

    I have RA and have been diagnosed with Interstitial cystitis. Is this linked to the RA Anyone else???

    Has anyone tried seeing a holistic doctor to help treat the symptoms of RA? I'm 29 years old and have suffered with RA since I was first diagnosed at 12 months. The RA has also decided to attack my eyes, as I've developed uveitis as well. I have been able to maintain relatively good health until about 7 months ago when I had my first major flare as an adult, and was unlike anything I had experienced. My right hand became extremely swollen and the fatigue had become so severe that I was unable to get out of bed for a few days. After seeing my rheumatologist, who suggested I take 4 separate drugs and thrn proceded to tell me the side effects of each one, I decided to take a different approach and see a holistic doctor. I figured it was worth a shot, as I was willing to try anything that didn't have cancer as a potential side effect. So far, after 5 months of treatment with small doses of a form of potassium, my experience with the holistic doctor has been very positive and effective. Within the past month, her "remedy" has enabled me to get off of my steroidal eye drops that I have been on since I was 4 years old. I've also changed my diet, elimimating all dairy, white bread/flour, sugar, and trans fats. I have a strict vitamim regimen I stick to every day, and have started drinking ginger water instead of my usual fruit juices. I have also tried to include more leafy greens into my diet, as well as other fruits and vegetables, turmeric, and whole grains. It's crazy how I can physically see the swelling increase once I've eaten unheated foods. Its also rewarding and satisfying watching the swelling go down once I stick to the original strict diet. I have noticed a significant change in my energy levels as well as an overall healthier feeling. I can see, now more than ever, how diet directly affects your mental and physical health as well as the level of inflammation. However, the effectiveness of the holistic remedy honestly does not make any sense to me. But at this rate, I am willing to try just about anything to lead as normal of a life as I possibly can with RA. Has anyone else had any promising and/or remotely effective experiences with any forms of alternative medicine?
Viewing 20 topics - 21 through 40 (of 560 total)