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  • So I'm trying to better understand if my symptoms are rooting from two herniated discs C5 to C7 and 4 Lumbar bulging discs or an Autoimmune disease. I'm currently seeing a spine specialist whom tells me the symptoms could be stemming from my spine but we have no certain answer even after numerous MRI's. The symptoms My pain rotates within the hands,wrists, ankles, and feet; this can vary from actual joint or in random locations. The pain rotates very frequent, never one area hurts for a long period at a time before it changes. Numbness in numerous fingers intermittently Burning sensations right side of neck and hotspot burning in tricep occasionally. The pain type can be an electric shooting pain, aching, or burning. I've also noticed my fingers, toes, and ears will fluctuate in temperature, normally very cold. I've also noticed the back of my legs have dull aching when I sit for long periods now. Tests performed: Neck and Full back MRI / Xrays - Herniated C5-6, 4 Lower bulging discs All of the autoimmune tests which all returned normal, twice. Next they'll be performing a Myelogram Treatments so far: I've had a Epidural Steroid Injection into my cervical area. In the past I've always had back pain, recently very abruptly my hands and feet began hurting all of the sudden at once. One last note, I've spent most of my life in the gym training as a bodybuilder. Any insight from people that were diagnosed with RA, do my symptoms sound as if I could have seronegative RA?

    Got new lab results from my new Rheumie last week. I was absolutely shocked that my RA factor was over 800. No wonder I feel so bad. Is anyone else's this high?

    My mom died because of a brain tumor, the doctor told us it can be heredity, so there is a chance that it will pass to me. I am afraid now because of the symptoms, i started to have headaches every morning and it worsens every day. My friend told me that certain drugs can help prevent or control them. I am afraid to go to a doctor, so i looked for an alternative solution and i came across this one kind of marijuana that can be used as a medicine. I am not sure if this thing works, does anybody tried it before? I need some help here...

    A big problem for me is that with my ongoing lack of strength and flexibility I’m having trouble cleaning my home. Right now the biggest challenge is the bathtub. Does anyone have suggestions on a product that I can simply spray on, wait a while and rinse off that actually does the job? Or another way to clean it that doesn’t require crouching down and scrubbing, both of which I can’t do anymore. Is there a place here where we can exchange helpful tips on working around or adapting to the challenge of RA when it comes to necessary chores? Thanks for reading.

    Got some answers today at the rheum.....well as close to an actual answer as I suppose I am going to get at least for now. She believes that I do, in fact, have RA. I played devil's advocate......trying to make sure it wasn't just osteo alone, or me being a whimp, or just the perfect storm of a bunch of issues that wasn't reeeeeralllly RA. She said although no one can be 100 percent sure, you have to go by all the pieces of the puzzle. In going over my medical history, x-rays, symptoms, reactions to meds so far. It all points to RA. She told me to stop (thank GOODness) the Lyrica. Instead she wants me to try Celebrex and then Methotrexate. The Celebrex I am more than onboard with. Hoping something besides pred. will work for pain. The Metho.....I really want to research. So there it is. It helps somewhat to at least, know what I am dealing with.

    Is anyone one Xelijanx. and if so how is it working for you? I got it prescribed, but I’m not ready to take it and I’ve been in pain lately.

    Hey all! I was told by my rheumy that I was in remission 3 years ago. I couldn't believe it. After 35 years with RA I was certain that would never be a reality for me. But it is! From that moment on I lived life like I always had though. Eatting whatwver I wanted. When I wanted. My activity was moving from the couch to the bed. In July of 2017 I reached a weight In was scared of. 272 lbs. I have been overweight my whole adult life but this was scary. My doctor also shared with me that my blood pressure was at a very scary level. 188/142 I was ashamed and scared. Yes my body still hurt, but not like it had. There was NO EXCUSE for my current condition. My meds were working, Humira, methotrexate and Celebrex together had calmed my RA from a roaring lion to.a purring kitten. If I wanted to live to enjoy life in remission I had to change my lifestyle. I had been vlogging on YouTube but I wasn't being open about the current situation. I decided to sit down with my camera and come clean. I wanted to feel BETTER. I began eliminating carbs, sugar and salt. My love of potato chips, bread and McDonald's fries went. I began earring fresh veggies, fruit, while grains in moderation and drinking more water. As of today I am down 32 lbs. More importantly I feel EVEN better than ever. My inflammation is nil. I move with ease and I Have NO morning stiffness. I love to go for walks and not hurt after. For the first time ever I am seeong what it is like to jave muscle pain. Not joint pain. I share my story so that you all can perhaps see some inspiration. I am 40 years old and was diagnosed at 2. I know only this life and I want to share my journey with you all! Here's the link to my latest vlog. The journey continues.....

    Hello! I am new to this site, so my question my have been answered before and I apologize if this is the case. I was diagnosed a couple of years ago with RA based on a bad wrist. My wrist had been hurting really bad and my doctor noticed I'd lost range of motion in it, so he sent me to a rheumatologist. After a thorough exam and blood work, she diagnosed me with RA. My issue is that I basically have 2 sore wrists (the other started hurting 6 months or so ago) and that's about it. All of my bloodwork is well within normal ranges, showing no inflammation whatsoever. When I read about RA, I just can't relate to the symptoms other than my wrist pain. I get out of bed easily in the morning and I'm at the gym within 40 minutes. I have no problems with fatigue unless I haven't slept well. I am on Plaquenil but my doctor thinks I need to add methotrexate because she thinks that my disease is moderate. I have been fighting her on taking anything else because of the possible side effects. I have read so many stories where doctors won't give medication because they aren't convinced that the person has RA, but I'm in the opposite camp. She wants me to take drugs that I don't want to take, because all things considered, I feel pretty good. Is there anyone out there who has had the same experience? Thanks for letting me vent!

    Magic truffles/shrooms can now be used for cancer patients to help them relax and less distressed about their disease? I have read some articles from that psilocybin which is a major component of magic truffles can help ease anxiety and depression and on some circumstances open your creativity. So what is magic truffles anyway? Is it legal? Well the drug is clearly not for everyone, but further studies are on-going for it's medical purpose. I would really want to hear your stand regarding magic truffles. Thanks

    Hi! I haven’t been diagnosed yet but my family doctor is sending me to a rheumatologist. I have been having joint pain but no swelling or redness that I have noticed. ESR was 91, CRP was 7 and tested positive for RF, negative ANA. Had xrays of knees, hips, elbows and shoulders that came back saying “there are minimal degenerative changes at aspect of both SI joints (hips) and “there are mild degenerative changes at the acromioclavicular joint to an extent on both sides (shoulders). Elbow and knees said “no acute pathology identified”. My family doctor told me the xrays came back normal despite what I read on the report re: mild degeneration. I have pain in all four of those joints. Could it be something else???

    Right now I’m wracking my (went on vacation without telling me) brain in trying to figure out an easier way to change the sheets on my bed without needing bed rest. I can’t seem to figure out if I should cry, vent, rage, laugh about it or just go lay down (on the unmade bed). I pretty much live in my bed. It is the perfect height for me to sit on it and have my feet on the floor, so I don't want to raise the bed. Raising it would make it harder to get in and out of, with the possibility of making it more dangerous to falling. But, because of the arthitis in my hip, and the pain in my lower back, it hurts too much to bend over to take the sheets off and put them back on. Getting down on my knees also isn't an option because of the pain I have in my knees and ankles. I've looked into those zip-off sheets but they are way too expensive and still don't address having to put on the top sheet. Those sheet tuck-in tools won't help because my bed has a foot board. And I don't have anyone I could ask for help in doing this either. Can any of you help me think of a way that is easier to make my bed?

    Ok, I just took my first dose with the citrate free, smaller needle, less fluid injecting Humira-and boy was it a much better experience! There was literally NO PAIN! I usually inject in my abdomen, since injecting in my thigh was excruciating, and left me pretty bruised up. Still it was so painful that I'd gasp and hold my breath, and when it was time for the next shot I'd sit and stare at the pen sadly and talk myself into taking my shot. This time as I heard the click and....nothing. It was over, the yellow filled the window, and I found myself wondering if I really got any medicine. Then I laughed. Other patients were telling the truth, it was actually pain free. Now I find myself wondering if it was a one shot experience. Anyone else or there using the citrate free for a good while-do the shots continue as painless?

    Hi everyone! For about a year I have experienced recurring itchy hive like rashes on my arms, hips, back, and thighs. It usually starts out in one spot and slowly then very quickly spreads causing a pink hive like looking rash that can be rather itchy. It last a month or so then clears up on its own only to come back a few months later. I finally broke down and saw the dermatologist because I was worried it could be a side effect of my RA. He did several biopsies but said the results were inconclusive so he couldn’t make an official diagnoses which was more then frustrating. I have been using a prescription strength ointment he prescribed and it does not seem to be doing much. Does anyone have any idea what this might be or what I can do to help. Any help would be greatly appreciated because this is no fun. The following is a link to my Dropbox album of the rash. Thanks in advance!

    After a long year of stress, I developed severe GI issues, autoimmune thyroid disease, and eventually developed such bad joint pain in my knees and elbows I asked for testing. Rheumatologist found both positive Anti-CCP and anti-pancreatic enzymes. Considerations are RA/Crohns. I have frequent digestive issues, and had scopes done when the symptoms were flaring, which did not show any significant findings. Since it all started 6 months ago, I have lost 20+ pounds. I have taken short periods of low dose prednisone which did not seem to help joints at all but make my GI issues worse. I tried sulfasalazine until developing an allergic reaction after a month. The next suggestion from rheumatologist is biologics because I appear to have significant malabsorption. All that being said, my RF, Sed Rate, and CRP have never been elevated. I also do not have other markers indicative of IBD. I am concerned about the side effects of a biologic. Despite the benefit of potentially catching RA early, am I rushing into treatment? The pain right now is enough to say no, but I also do not want to pursue the highest tier of treatment if it is not the right decision. Any advice would be great.

    Today, we come across a lot many people who are constantly battling with health problems like arthritis, migraine, high blood pressure, diabetes etc. Arthritis is an inflammatory condition that makes one or more joints of the body weak and loses their basic texture. The primary sign of arthritis is experiencing pain in the joints along with stiffness. The condition is typically attributed as one of the major causes of increasing age, a body lethargy and weight issues. There are a number of diagnostic tests for arthritis that help reveal the condition and aid in understanding the depth of the problem surfaced. Common symptoms and signs of this problem are the pain, swelling, and stiffness. Arthritis treatment is determined precisely by any kind of specific joint disease present. A precise arthritis treatment boosts the chances for productive remedy. The treatment of physical therapy and occupational therapy may help to maintain the motion and mobility of joints. The degree of therapy needed and the kind of remedy required depends on several aspects including the seriousness as well as a form of joint pain disease the patient has, the actual age of the patient, along with the overall health condition of the patient. The decision has to be made by attending physician or the occupational therapist. Arthritis may affect the life regular activities of a person, as any joint infection can lead to severe pain due to which a person may find it difficult to stand or walk etc. One can face arthritis pain and infection anywhere in a knee, elbow, hip, shoulder, and other joint areas. In the arthritis treatment, patients must remember that the whole lifestyle is altered to support whatever medication is taken. Many challenges can be posed because of the day-to-day demands of work when you have arthritis. Below are the few important tips for managing your work if you are having arthritis -: 1. Take breaks from Repetitive motions – Whether you work at your home on a computer or on a construction site, might be a chance that your job requires some repetitive motions. So to avoid pain and try to take frequent breaks whenever possible if you have to do work that involves repetitive movements. 2. Use Good body mechanics – Whether you do a lot of moving at a work or sit or stand in one position or another, your joints are less likely to act up if you keep them in a neutral position. Whatever kind of work you are doing, pay attention to the position of your body and try to eliminate unnecessary strain by finding the most comfortable position. 3. Change your positions frequently – Staying in any one position for too long puts stress on your joints. Just try to change your positions frequently as much as possible during your working days. 4. Try to minimize joint pain and strain – By using a little advanced training, you can avoid unnecessary strain on troublesome joints. Recovering from joint pain and inflammation is not an easy task at all. But, now one can avail the best possible treatment for arthritis and can relieve their pain permanently by taking help from the Eva Ortho, as they are providing the best arthritis treatment – which one can get nowhere.

    I was evaluated for RA (and other autoimmune issues) in 2012. Everything came back fine at the time. I initially went to a rheumatologist due to late onset Raynaud's, knowing that late onset RS is a red flag for other autoimmune problems. At the time the dr. told me I only had osteo arthritis in my toe, although I had no symptoms. Fast forward a few months and the toe became a huge issue. I now have shoe inserts. Fast forward a few more years and now I am dealing with multiple joint pains. At the moment, hip joint pain, worse in left. Knee pain, worse in left, and elbow pain, worse in right. Also have had what feels like sciatica in right leg for a year now. And fatigue, some days not so bad, others extreme. Went to a chiropractor who told me I have tennis elbow. Did regular xrays (knees, hips and elbow) which showed a narrowing of space in left knee only. Nothing big. So I have an appointment with rheumatologist again in a month. My question is......given the fact that my bloodwork was clear in I wrong to suspect this is not an autoimmune issue? I'm thinking that since x-rays looked ok by chiro and bloodwork was good a few years ago, I most likely don't have RA? Can bloodwork change that fast? Would RA show on regular x-ray? I am 51. Thin, healthy otherwise, and work out. I am having to severely cut what I do exercise wise because everything hurts. Not that I want RA.....but I'm beginning to feel a bit crazy. I have all these pains that no one can seem to find an answer for. I had a hysterectomy a year ago....maybe it's just hormones? Although I am doing hrt, so you wouldn't think so. I am at a loss and tired of feeling like crap. That was a lot longer than I intended! Hope someone has some insight. Thanks!

    Anyone on max dose of Methotrexate and still having a lot of RA pain and stiffness? I am supposed to be starting on Humira inj next month as well, but my doctor said I won't be able to change any of my meds for 6 months to make sure it's the Humira that is working/not working. I am worried about how being on two things that lower my immune system at the same time as I work in a nursing home and live with four kids who are little germ factories. Thanks!

    Of all the exercises that I do, swimming is the best. I now only swim laps, but more importantly do my entire workout in the pool! I jog, I do strength training, flexibility exercises, aerobic workouts, etc. By doing it in the water, I put almost no force on my joints which is crucial. I cannot say enough about how important this is. Many people say it is too much work to do this but if you plan ahead, get your gear together all the time, etc. you will find it is no different than any other type of exercise. Give it a try...

    Am desperate to find something that will arrest the onslaught of my Rheumatoid. Have been harmed by 2 medications and am sick of being sick. I read Medical Cannabis in the form of Sativex/Nabiximols is arresting Rheumatoid, MS and other auto immune diseases Osteoarthritis and Diabetes. It is legal in USA/Canada and hopefully soon Australia. Anyone trying it.

    I am a 28yr old, newly diagnosed mother of two babies. I've already terrified myself enough reading things online about this horrible disease. But I'm curious as to how long some people here have had it? And if you have had it for a long period of time do you certainly suffer other ailments that go along with it/caused by it? I.e. heart, lung, organ issues? Other auto immune disease? Thank you for your time, and responses.
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