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Choosing Shoes for RA Foot Pain

For the second video in my foot pain series, I talk about my process of choosing shoes for my RA foot pain. I address how RA has changed and impacted my feet and also share tips and tricks I’ve picked up over the years on how to choose shoes that help minimize RA foot pain.

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  • Frazzled
    5 months ago

    Another great video, Michael. I, too, have constant foot pain, and no treatment I am trying right now resolves any of it. I am lucky in that I can wear sneakers to work, so I bought a pair from a company called Orthofeet, and they have been great. Big toe box, extra cushioning near my major pain point which is where the heel bone and the back part of my arch come together. These you can only buy online, but they are super helpful and returns are free.

    In Summer I can wear sandals, but even those can cause pain. They either put support in the wrong place, causing pain in other areas, or I have to tighten them and then I get pressure marks on the tops of my feet, which is also painful. Shoes have always been a problem for me, and it is so very difficult to find a pair that works. Today is Day 3 of rest per my podiatrist…and it is getting old. Getting a second opinion on Monday, which might entail more intrusive treatments, but I cannot live like this anymore. I basically have to use a cane to take some pressure off my right foot, else I am hobbling after 25 steps.

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