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Exercises and Stretches for RA Foot Pain

In the third and last installment on foot pain, I provide tips on various exercises and stretches that can help alleviate foot pain over time. I address how RA has changed the shape of my feet, how it impacted my walking style, and what led me to try feet strengthening exercises.


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  • Frazzled
    5 months ago

    Hi @michaelbooth28,

    Great video, as I am also encountering a lot of foot problems of late. It’s always something, right? My pain is more towards the heal, but I think overall foot strengthening is really needed when you have RA.

    One thing a new podiatrist suggested was doing passive stretching, which you discuss a little. She suggested I get a towel or band, and after I wake in the morning, pend 5 minutes or so using the band and the tension it creates to passively stretch your feet. I’ve only been doing this for a few days, but it has helped thus far. I’ve also been instructed to use a golf ball on the plantar fascia to do some deep tendon massage to get that to loosen up.

    Hope your feet keep getting stronger. We fight this every day.

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