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Helping Others Understand About Life with RA

In this video, Kelly explains how she helps others understand her daily life with rheumatoid arthritis. Focusing on the importance of storytelling, she mentions that although life with RA is hard to explain, sharing her journey through stories often helps. How do you help others understand life with RA?


  • kkharrod
    1 year ago

    Thank you, Kelly! I like what you said about sharing in little stories and no overwhelming people! Your writing really encourages me! Thank you so much! You have such a sweet spirit and positive attitude! You inspire me! God bless!

  • starscream
    1 year ago

    I’ve stopped telling people I have RA. They all start saying how they too have arthritis in their little finger or something. I cannot get them to hear. Instead I say I have a kind of allergy called an autoimmune disorder which causes extreme pain and swelling and an inability to think when I eat the wrong thing. I know in reality a flare isn’t always traceable to eating the wrong food but this happens often enough and it helps to get people to respect my food restrictions (which is the main reason I tell people about it). Otherwise I would just say I am sick again like I did before the diagnosis. Interestingly when I’m in Europe people see my list of nightshades I won’t wat and here this description and they immediately diagnose me as having RA. Some say quietly to me on the side “you might have RA. Get checked.” But Americans don’t seem to know about RA at all.

  • mcadwell
    1 year ago

    I completely understand this. I’ve also told people that I have an autoimmune disease which means I’m allergic to my body so it gives me a lot of pain. They tend to understand that over, “I have Rheumatoid Arthritis” because, as you said, they lump it in under the category of “arthritis”, not realizing how much more serious it is than osteoarthritis.

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