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Pillow Power

This video shares some examples of pillow types to help with the support and accommodations needed to get a good nights sleep with RA.

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  • Cyd
    5 months ago

    That was wonderful information to share, Thank you!! I’ve purchased several pillows in my iquest for comfort, some expensive and some not so expensive and have yet to find that perfect one. Of course, my husband thinks I have some kind of pillow fetish, because he just doesn’t get it. His opinion (as an example of his not getting it) is, “if you’re tired enough you can sleep on any pillow.” Ugh!!

  • Monica Y. Sengupta moderator
    5 months ago

    Oh gosh, I wish!! I still remember the good old days when I could sleep on any pillow. Those are long gone.

    I have found a couple that have worked well for me but depending on my disease activity one or the other may not work.

    Generally speaking though, I’ve found that husk pillows are the best for me since they meld to my neck and head!

    Thanks for sharing, @cyd! ~Monica

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