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What Are Some Day-To-Day Changes You’ve Had to Make Due to Ra

An RA diagnosis for most people means a big change to one’s life. The very chaotic nature of RA renders most well-made plans unfulfilled. Nan shares with us what she had to change in her day-to-day life after her diagnosis with RA and her perspective on how life has changed for her after RA.


  • Daniel Malito moderator
    1 year ago

    We have so many different little inventions and adaptations we use, right? Sometimes I think RA patients are the most inventive patients out there. What would I do without my trust duct tape? I made an awesome thing to reach my down back with a stick, duct tape, and a fork. I call it a back-fork-tape, whatever, forget it. I just call it the thing. 🙂 Keep on keepin’ on, DPM

  • mcadwell
    1 year ago

    Using an Ulu knife because it’s easier to on the hands/wrists/elbows/shoulders (I recommend it to anyone who will listen.)

    I used a long strip of ribbon, threaded through holes in my laundry basket, that I can put over my shoulders so I can used my hands on the stair railings to get to my washer/dryer in the basement.

    I put my bar of soap in the leg of an old pair of tights, tied a knot in the end and threaded that knot through the shower curtain holder. No more dropped soap. It dries out that much easier between uses and no more soap gunk in the shower.

    Put my bed on risers so it’s easier to get in and out of. Still wish I could figure out an easier way of changing sheets though.

    I use plates with a lip and cups with handles and lids. Less spillage that way.

    No more rugs on the floor. Less tripping.

    Shoes with no laces, just slip-ons now.

    Watching what I’m doing/wearing/eating CONSTANTLY.

    Learning to say “no”.

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