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By Tamara Haag - August 27, 2015
While there are many controversies and conflicting opinions in the medical world, there is consensus when it comes to stress. Doctors agree that stress can increase blood pressure and the risk for... READ MORE

By Nan Hart - August 26, 2015
Finding ourselves coping with a chronic disease like Rheumatoid Arthritis can often corner us into a place of negativity where we are unable or unwilling to consider what positives have come from... READ MORE

By Tamara Haag - August 26, 2015
Recently I was clearing out an armoire in which I store special occasion clothes and shoes that I don’t wear very often. As I’ve gotten older, this armoire has come to hold... READ MORE

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By lisscath - August 19, 2015
I lie! It’s actually kind of comical, because I have never really been a good liar. Even as a child, I was horrible at it, even simple little lies that weren’t said... READ MORE

By Teresa Valladares - August 6, 2015
I was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (aka Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis) when I was 18 months old. That was almost 50 years ago. I spent most of my childhood in and out... READ MORE

By Di - August 3, 2015
It was after chatting to an understanding fellow gym-goer about my RA and how I get upset at some people’s perceptions that there can’t be much wrong with me as I can... READ MORE

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