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By Wren - March 31, 2015
Anyone who has rheumatoid arthritis will tell you it’s no picnic. But having RA and being overweight or obese, too, is a really big, fat problem. The body’s immune system protects us... READ MORE

By Tamara Haag - March 29, 2015
Shortly after the new millennium began I set off to study abroad at the University of Oxford in England. I was a 22 year old college senior, and the world was my... READ MORE

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By Julie - March 27, 2015
I’ve always had bad feet. When I say bad feet I’m talking about a foot with a negative arch–pancake flat, duck flat, whatever you would like to call it. As a kid... READ MORE

By Tracie - March 26, 2015
I am 45 years young and was diagnosed at about the age of 2. The story goes that I had strep throat. Sounds simple, huh? My mother took me to the doctor... READ MORE

By Meg Koelzer - March 20, 2015
Yesterday, sitting in class, I got faced with the comment, “Arthritis, you have arthritis? I thought that was only for old people!” I feel like I have no right to get angry... READ MORE

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