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Posted by Carla Kienast - July 22nd, 2014

I was diagnosed with RA in mid-2008. Like many people, my rheumatologist began my treatment plan with methotrexate along with an NSAID and pain relievers. In the six years since then, I’ve… READ MORE

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Posted by Ali - July 22nd, 2014

I’m grateful that my illness is treatable with medication. And that for those with RA, there is hope to live a long life. I recently met a seventeen-year-old girl who made my… READ MORE

Posted by Nan Hart - July 17th, 2014

Here in the northeast we really treasure our summers because they come and go far too quickly. And this past winter was an especially long and difficult one so that makes this… READ MORE

Posted by Ali - July 10th, 2014

I should know better by now. I wear sneakers or comfortable shoes daily, but of course I had to push the envelope for my cousin’s wedding. Bloated, uncomfortable and angry that nothing… READ MORE

Share your experiences with RA and connect with others in the community. When were you diagnosed? How has it impacted your life? Do you have any tips to share with others? Please take a moment to share your story with us!
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