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By Tamara Haag - July 31, 2015
Rheumatoid arthritis can be about the big things. It can be about joint replacements; wheelchairs; inability to work; rifts with spouses, family members and friends who don’t understand; the decision of whether... READ MORE

By Nan Hart - July 30, 2015
Of the myriad of obstacles that RA confronts us with, one that bears some discussion is balance.  As a professional who works with the older adult population I see on a daily... READ MORE

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By Lawrence Gaceta - July 22, 2015
As a retired military male of age 44, a long 13-hour work shift is the norm in the civilian defense contracting business. I had thought that the pain associated with climbing down... READ MORE

By Benjam-in - July 22, 2015
I was diagnosed a year ago….But this is how it all started. Three years ago I was working at a very busy physicians office. I was getting different areas of pain. My... READ MORE

By Kari - July 7, 2015
A dear friend of mine gave me a small pamphlet titled “Blessing our circumstance.” Now I will be the first to tell you how hard this is to do. Several times I... READ MORE

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