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By Tamara Haag - April 27, 2015
A couple of months before my 16th birthday my mom got me the most amazing gift any teenager could want: a car. It was a 12-year-old Nissan and was nothing fancy, but... READ MORE

By Andrew Lumpe, PhD - April 26, 2015
Having rheumatoid arthritis forces us to seek out doctors in a variety of specialties and subspecialties. Part of being a “professional patient” is learning how to select quality doctors for our care.... READ MORE

By Kelly Mack - April 26, 2015
I got a need. A need for sleep. Partly, I do it to myself. I get all wrapped up in work, volunteer activities, and fun with friends and family. Quickly I fall... READ MORE

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By Bianca Cox - April 23, 2015
I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and I would like to write a note of HOPE to everyone else who lives with this horrible disease day in and out. I was young when I... READ MORE

By Tegan Douglas - April 17, 2015
I lie to you everyday. I lie to strangers. I lie to friends. I lie to family. I lie when I tell you I slept well. I lie when I smile through... READ MORE

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