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By Kelly Mack - June 24, 2016
Sometimes I try to remember my life before the scars. It seems like a long time ago, because I guess it was. But there was a time before surgeries and IV lines,... READ MORE

By Tamara Haag - June 23, 2016
There are lots of opinions about the best way to combat rheumatoid arthritis. Between all the various pharmaceutical treatments, over the counter products, diets, alternative therapies, and vitamins and supplements, it’s easy... READ MORE

By Carla Kienast - June 23, 2016
There is a lot of discussion among a wide range of individuals about the roles that your diet and your digestive system play in the inflammatory response in general and RA specifically.... READ MORE

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By medtech - June 20, 2016
I have been dx with RA for about 8 years and have been on Enbrel for about 7 years. All in all, it has not been bad, a few aches and pains,... READ MORE

By kiki - June 16, 2016
I’m the youngest of five children and was always a tomboy. I played football, basketball, ran track, played tennis, basically did anything in order to be active. I ran my first marathon... READ MORE

By yahara2254 - June 10, 2016
I was diagnosed with RA in my late 40’s, since I did not go right away to a Dr., when the pain started, I just ignored the system and continued on with... READ MORE

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