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By Tamara Haag - October 17, 2017
A French woman who has traveled the world and lived in several different countries moved to the United States a few months ago. She had this to say about the American way... READ MORE

By Angela Lundberg - October 16, 2017
There are countless memes and posts of “word inspiration” splashed all over social media every second of the day, I’d argue. Many of them probably scroll right by you, unnoticed, like they... READ MORE

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5 Answers Submitted By Mindylee - October 12, 2017

I have only been diagnosed with RA for about 3 months and I used to be an active runner. I have been cleared to continue full duty as a law enforcement officer… READ MORE

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By kitten1962 - October 11, 2017
Hello all. My name is Debbie Robinson & I am new to the group. I felt that joining would be valuable, since we can all gain new understanding of this terrible illness... READ MORE

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