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By Kat Elton - August 25, 2016
I just got married, for the first time, at the age of 47. Growing up with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (now called juvenile idiopathic arthritis), I wasn’t sure this would ever happen for... READ MORE

By Angela Lundberg - August 25, 2016
Seeing Instagram or Facebook photos of fellow RA sufferers, my “Spoonies,” running in marathons or completing triathlons is amazing and inspiring. Running, mountain-climbing, hiking, biking very long distances at a time–these are... READ MORE

By Michael Booth - August 24, 2016
From kids playing a game of soccer in an open field to international events that attract millions of viewers, the range of athletics traverses the globe. An immense variety of games, challenges, skills,... READ MORE

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By MatthewG - August 14, 2016
It started the week of my 27th birthday on a trip back home during grad school, and me, my wife and parents did a road trip to Vegas. After getting there my... READ MORE

By Barbara Vincent - August 4, 2016
A month ago, I woke up with a slightly sore throat and was a little wheezy. However, I ignored that because I am asthmatic. I had my annual flu shot which this... READ MORE

By Michelle - July 28, 2016
I’ve been living with Rheumatoid Arthritis for 13 years and thought I had the physical manifestations of the disease down…nope. Last fall I started having weird pain in my left leg; a... READ MORE

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