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By Nan Hart - December 6, 2016
This time of year (fall and the holidays) often seems to coincide with an uptick in the flares and pain and swelling of my hands. It does not take a lot of... READ MORE

By Wren - December 5, 2016
One aspect of the ongoing “opioid crisis” that the media rarely mentions is the potentially deadly impact of benzodiazepines (BZDs) when taken along with opioid pain medications. BZDs include such drugs as... READ MORE

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By Dave - November 30, 2016
Most stories either have a happy ending, or a sad one. Our stories as RA patients (don’t ever call me a “victim”) are on-going and there is no end in sight. Mine... READ MORE

By celia123 - November 23, 2016
It gives me great pleasure to think back on when I lived to dance. I loved to dance more than anything. As I was trying to get out of the bed the... READ MORE

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