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By Wren - October 28, 2016
I lived in Bremerhaven, Northern Germany, many years ago. The city lies at the mouth of the great Weser River where it opens out into the stormy North Sea, right on the... READ MORE

By Michael Booth - October 27, 2016
I tossed and turned, my left hand cradling my right wrist, holding it against my chest and then my side. Yet no relief from the throbbing pain could be found. Interspersed between... READ MORE

By Kelly Mack - October 27, 2016
Research in recent years has been connecting gut health with the immune system. For example, how people’s gut health can be compromised by taking too many antibiotics that kill the natural flora... READ MORE

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By celia123 - October 27, 2016
I have RA and one of the things I don’t anticipate is the cold weather. The cold weather makes my joints very stiff. Although winter has not arrived. I am already experiencing... READ MORE

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