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By Wren - October 2, 2015
“Not knowing why” is one of the most insidious, frustrating aspects of living with rheumatoid disease. It causes all kinds of symptoms and sensations, large and small, annoying or aggravating and oddly,... READ MORE

By Mariah Z. Leach - October 1, 2015
As someone living with pretty severe rheumatoid arthritis (who is also the mother of two small, highly-energetic children) I think perhaps the piece of advice I get most often is this: ask... READ MORE

By Wren - October 1, 2015
Here’s a thing: expecting others to know we’re in pain if we don’t tell them. Here’s another: feeling frustrated or angry with them because they don’t. How can they know we’re in... READ MORE

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By Ellibelle - September 28, 2015
Two years ago I was diagnosed with RA, when my first baby was born. At first I thought I was just stressed out from the hardships of having a new baby, but... READ MORE

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