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By Nan Hart - February 22, 2017
The ability to connect with people, information, organizations, etc. online can be one of the most important things you consider while dealing with RA. It can make your life so much better... READ MORE

By Michael Booth - February 21, 2017
Progress, a word that typifies modern aspirations in technological innovation, improved public health and education, and the alleviation of human suffering, is a word I revolt against — with rheumatoid arthritis the... READ MORE

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By lena - February 22, 2017
In 2002 I started having pain in my shoulder and ankles, so bad I could not stand and walk after sleeping all night. I have a family history of RA and OA... READ MORE

By Hoppe - February 17, 2017
In January 2015, I was stricken with a sudden unexplained soreness in all of my joints and most muscles below my shoulders this lasted about a week till I could see my... READ MORE

By Marylou - February 15, 2017
I have had RA since I was about 16 but it took the Doctor’s about 4 years to confirm it with consistent testing. These tests also confirmed I have lupus. I have... READ MORE

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