About Rob

Rob Osberg, a native Virginian and avid history buff, first became a patient advocate & part-time caregiver when his now wife was diagnosed with MS. Not long thereafter, Rob was called up for double-duty when Lisa was diagnosed with RA

By Rob - May 1, 2017
Our riding adventures began last spring when we wheeled Lisa’s new bicycle out of the local REI store and into our car. Before that moment, Lisa had tested several bikes, trying to... READ MORE

By Rob - February 28, 2017
He begins the Rousing every day in the early morning gloom. Most days he uses his new-found voice, but other times he opts for a bag, a box, or possibly a simple... READ MORE

By Rob - July 7, 2016
The wheels started turning in her head earlier this year. “Rob,” she said, “I’d like to get a bicycle.” Getting Lisa (and myself) outdoors and engaged in exercise sounded like a great... READ MORE

By Rob - January 10, 2016
As a care-giver, I feel both happy and fortunate to see my wife responding well to her medication, Rituxan. Over the past six years, Lisa’s Rituxan infusions have brought her RA under... READ MORE

By Rob - August 23, 2015
I’ve mentioned previously that my wife, Lisa, takes Rituxan for her RA. Last month Lisa received the first part of her bi-annual Rituxan infusion. Today, I’ll share a little about our experience... READ MORE