Turn, turn, turn

Last updated: October 2015

One of my favorite songs comes from the Byrds - Turn, Turn, Turn.  Whenever I hear it the lyrics really wash over me and I just feel as though every word is speaking to me.  Since RA it seems even more so!

"To everything, turn, turn, turn - There is a season, turn, turn, turn - And a time to every purpose..."  What does this mean to me?  I think it is a welcome reminder to pause and understand that life unfolds in it's own unique and perhaps puzzling way but always with a purpose, whether we are privy to it or not in that moment.  RA can be like that as well.  No two days are ever exactly the same...just as seasons change and "turn" so will our journey with RA.

"A time to be born.....A time to heal....A time to laugh...A time to weep..."  All of these are so true for RA!  We go through times of change that often come with unrelenting spontaneity making RA a challenge to manage!  Emotions often get the best of us and even on my good days I can often cry easily since RA.  I embrace that now, knowing that the tears are a healing release.

"A time to build up....A time to break down...A time to dance...A time to mourn...A time to embrace...A time you may refrain from embracing."  So true as we move along in our journey!  The chaotic nature of RA can sometimes get the best of us but knowing that there will be a "time to dance" helps get me through the worst of those times.  Knowing that there is a time to reach out and embrace one another and, equally as important, when NOT to is a key element of understanding the truth of RA.  Allowing yourself that "time to mourn" is crucial.  I had to be willing to let go of what could not be and open my arms to what can and will be before I could move forward.

These are by no means all of the lyrics to this wonderful ballad written by Pete Seeger but these are the ones that speak to me with regard to RA. Here where I live in Vermont I am privileged to enjoy 4 stunning seasons of nature and right now is my favorite, that being fall.  The spectacular colors I get to enjoy every day following the deep greens and blooming flowers of summer are a constant reminder of how life changes.  Next up will be the winter with its cold days and white snowy blankets. Then comes spring and the unfolding of nature as it starts fresh.  All of these times drive home to me how lucky I am to simply be...to simply live on this amazing earth and to share it with all of those I hold dear.  What does this mean to me with regard to RA?  It tells me that life will move along.  I will cope.  I will be strong and well sometimes.  I will be in pain and not well sometimes.  But through it all I will stay hopeful and embrace every "season" as it "turn, turn, turns".

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