Carla Kienast

Rheumatoid Arthritis Community Advocate Carla KienastCarla was previously an advocate for

Carla Kienast is a free-lance consultant offering a wide range of corporate communications services and the author of the acclaimed [trashy] suspense novel, Wake up with Fleas (available at and through special order at Barnes and Nobel, Borders, and Outskirts Press).  She is also the author of the RA-related blog, Carla’s Corner. Spending most of her childhood tramping around the southwest United States, she now lives with her husband in Dallas, Texas (no kids, no pets, just the husband).

Carla was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in June 2008, had hip-replacement surgery in August 2008, shoulder replacement surgery in April 2009, and both back surgery and knee replacement surgery in 2013. While she’s been on multiple treatment plans she’s still searching for that magic elixir that will put her into that magical state of remission. (Texas is great, but she thinks remission is better …)

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