Kathryn Elton, OTR

Rheumatoid Arthritis Advocate Kat Elton

Kat Elton is an author, occupational therapist, and someone who has lived with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis since age two. Her two books, A Resilient Life: Learning to thrive, not just survive with rheumatoid arthritis, and True Health, the Inside Job, pave the way for readers to move into health, regardless of their circumstances. Kat is a personal demonstration that illness and pain create a fierce desire to be healthy, and this desire can move mountains, one step at a time. Living with a chronic, painful illness taught Kat that true health is a way of life, requiring commitment and daily practice, and this knowledge has been the catalyst for each of her careers, first as an O.T., then as an author. You can find her in Durango, CO, where she enjoys being outdoors, especially when she’s on a bike with her husband Todd and their dog Jasper.

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