Lynn Marie Witt, MSOT

Rheumatoid Arthritis Advocate Lynn Marie Witt As with any life-changing diagnosis, there are negative physical, mental, emotional, and life ramifications that occur due to the disease process. However, I choose to focus on the disease and use my life story to help others along on their journey. Instead of looking at my negative ramifications as a weakness, I instead view them as a strength. Those hard times in my life are what help to define who I am today. My diagnosis has ultimately led me to this community. So, hello to all of my family!!!

I reside in Buffalo, NY with my faithful emotional support animal, Hamlin. I am a graduate of D’Youville University in Buffalo, NY. There I earned both a bachelor of science degree and my master’s in occupational therapy. I also currently serve on the board of directors for Neighborhood Health Center in Buffalo, NY. My medical training and experiences allow me to look at my rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis not only as a patient, but also through the eyes of a healthcare practitioner. I believe in treating individuals with rheumatoid arthritis with a holistic and full-body approach. I am an advocate for mental health, alternative medicine, proper nutrition, exercise, and balancing that with standard Western medical practices and medications.

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