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12 year old with JIA and now having thyroid issues

Good morning
I am new to this community and am looking for anyone that may be in a similar situation. I am a mother of a 12-year old that was diagnosed with JIA at 18months. She is now 12 years old and recently we have been adding some odd health issues to her resume. Early last year we added Lichen Planus to her list, although labs came back that she had markers of two new autoimmune diseases but the mouth biopsy did not support it. Well, in November we started to notice a lump on her neck, in the front. She complained of not being able to lay down as it bothered her and it kept her up. We noticed a second lump above the first and I took her to Urgent Care. An Ultrasound showed that she had an inflamed thyroid however her labs came back normal. Endo stated it is not her thyroid and has told us to address this with her primary care physician. Her rheumatologist states it is not arthritis and we have ruled that out with an MRI. Which showed no mass or abnormalities. However, we still have swelling and uncomfortableness. Has anyone else had thyroid issues? Have labs come back normal yet there is something wrong?

I am seeking a second opinion from another ENDO physician in a different network next month. But just wondering if there are others out there with similar situations.

Thank you.

  1. Hi - I am sorry your daughter is going through this trouble right now. I want to first caution that I can't give medical advice over the Internet, so I don't want to portray that. But I am curious if what your daughter is experiencing is similar to thyroid issues one of our community advocates Kelly has had. I am sharing an article she wrote here: It's really great that you are seeking a second opinion to get some clarity. I know it's frustrating to get conflicting information. Please keep us updated as well!

    1. Hello, thank you for the article. I must say I am not looking for medical advice but more of if anyone is experiencing the same situation. It is just frustrating to not have answers or to have a physician dismiss you. I want to be armed with knowledge for our second opinion in April. My daughter is not one to complain and if something does not get "fix" she adjusts and moves on. That is what I am concerned about, since she will not complain until it has progressed too far. With her mouth, she never complained the dentist found them. The oral surgeon stated she had seen adults with mouths as bad as her crying in her office. Really I just want someone to think outside of the box and look at her as not the typical case.
      Thanks agina.

    2. you're welcome! Yes that's absolutely frustrating to be dismissed. I'm sorry you and your daughter are going through that at the moment. Let's see if the community has any thoughts or can relate. Thanks again!

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