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25, freshly diagnosed abroad

Hello everyone. Call my Tay. I've been diagnosed for just over a month. I currently live in Japan and as kind and awesome as my doctor is, she cannot quite fully explain everything to me. I take a friend along to help translate but there are times where that doesn't work very well eight because of the language barrier. Ive been doing research but there is so much information and ive had to kind of figure out exactly what kind of RA i have on my one (i was given a copy of my test results so im confident enough with my research from that). I have only taken 3 doses of the methotrexate so far (6mg one day a week) and folic acid suppliments (5mg one day a week) and i think im only just feeling some side effects.

The few people ive told here have been very kind and wonderful and supportive but i work with children and i really need to try to figure out alternative things to do that will help me to keep up my energy and optimistic attitude.

My other main concern is that i still don't have a prognosis yet. My doctor asked me to wait untill after my bloodwork next week so she can see if the methotrexate is even working for my RA (and me being naiive i agreed). But this is now stressing me out because if the prognosis is bad i will have to go back to my home country very soon so i can recieve the national pension and possibly be eligible for any additional benefits if that becomes necessary.

Is there anyone else on here who has been diagnosed overseas?

  1. Hi Tay, Glad you've reached out here and so glad to hear that you've received support and kindness from those you've shared with. I hope that if there's anyone here who has been diagnosed while overseas will chime in with their personal experiences to share. In addition to speaking with your doctor, these articles may be helpful to you:
    The Process of Diagnosing RA:
    Community Thoughts: Strategies for Work:
    Info on Methotrexate:
    Let us know any questions you have, we're here to support you. Keep up your optimistic attitude, it will take you far. Best, Kelly, Team Member

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