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A new cancer?

I have had RA since coming off chemotherapy for inflammatory(go figure) breast cancer. I am currently on a biological, nsaids, prednisone vit D. Recently I was having trouble with a sore spot under my tongue. I'd known it was there for a year or so, but between back surgery and my husbands bout with prostate cancer, I ignored it as something that will go away. It didn't, instead it spread. I finally went to see an ENT surgeon. He biopsies it, then burned it all with lasers in surgery. The path report was atypical cells and was sent to MAYO. I see the ENT next Tuesday.

If this is a cancer, I hope I don't have to stop my biological as it works really well. I've heard of lymphomas and blood cancers as well as skin cancers with biologics, but not this. The other ones were rare side effects, but this would take the cake. I just wanted to voice my fears of having to give up what works for my RA. Thanks for listening.

  1. Sorry to hear about these difficulties Ruthieq, but glad you decided to come to a community that can offer information and support. You can always come here to vent.

    Unfortunately, it is true that certain RA medications affect the immune system and increase the risk of some cancers. I can't speak to the particular issue you have and what it will mean for your treatment, but hopefully your medical team can help with this. This article looks at various RA drugs and medications, with some information on side-effects:

    This article looks more specifically at biologics, with some information on side-effects and safety issues:

    You may also want to take a look at our Facebook page at to see if any of the community members may have some further information.

    Please keep us posted on how you are doing. Wishing you the best. Richard ( Team)

    1. It seems to be still atypical, but the ENT Specialist states that we would be just watching it anyway. I see him in July for a recheck. Initially I had huge regrowths or overgrowths of tissue in the lasered spots but these were benign. Now I have just a couple areas that are still tender which we will watch until I have problems again. Thanks for the links and information.

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