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Good morning! I've been seeing a lot of ads lately for legal help if you've taken Actemera and suffered adverse reactions. I don't recall seeing other biologics gettig this kind of attention. Is there anything to it? That's the next biologic recommended for me, I've been off all RA drugs for nearly a year now. I know with ANY of these powerful treatments there's higher risk for some than others, I've just never seen such ads on any of the others. Thank you for any insight and experience.

  1. Hello there!

    Thanks so much for reaching out to us in our forums. Understanding the side effects of these treatment plans is important, so we are glad you reached out. While different treatments work differently for everyone and side effects vary from person to person. We hope the community can provide you with some support on their own personal experiences.

    This article may be helpful in understanding more about Actemera and the safety & side effects:
    We also encourage you to speak to your Dr. (if you haven't already done so) about your treatment plan more specifically.

    Thanks for being part of our community.
    Lauren ( Team)

    1. Hi everyone,
      My Rheumatologist put me on Actemra in March 2018. He had his nurse give me my 1st shot in his office, I didn't feel any different, until the next morning. Every joint in my body was screaming in pain. I couldn't get out of bed without help and a large dose of Percocet. Every time I gave myself a shot, it was the same the next day. And my mood, my entire disposition changed, I literally became a hermit, hated being around people. This went on for 14 months. An injection every week, then a couple of really bad days. I finally told my rheumatologist take me off of it. After examining me, seeing half of my joints were inflamed, he put me on Simponi. So far it seems to be doing it's job.

      1. Please remember...everyone is different. Every "body" reacts differently to different meds. Simponi did nothing for my RA at all and it's very effective for others. I can not tolerate Percocet either. It makes me so extremely sick to my stomach. Crazy...

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