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I do not have RA, a close family member of mine does so I am seeking information that could help with them.
I was wondering if there are (or you all know of) any addiction treatment centers that cater more towards those with RA. In my research, which is not much, I have found the addiction treatments focus on those with chronic pain that may go away with simple physical therapy. I have also read that alcohol and drug addiction is not uncommon with people with Arthritis, so it would make sense that they would have a centers that cater towards that specific type of treatment. Any information would be great.

Thank you.

  1. Hi ~

    It's really great that you are seeking help on behalf of your loved one. Unfortunately, depression is not uncommon to people living with chronic illnesses - which of course can be a risk factor for alcohol and drug addiction. This isn't a subject that I am particularly familiar with, but I do have a few ideas:

    - This may be a good question for your family member's rheumatologist. Someone who specializes in the treatment of arthritis can be a good resource!

    - Have you checked with the Arthritis Foundation? They have offices all over the country and may have better info about this sort of "on the ground" treatment than our web-based support group.

    - If such a place does not exist or isn't close to you, it may also be worth considering a pain management specialist, who could help with methods of pain management on an on-going basis, with addiction being treated by a separate program. Obviously it would be ideal having one program to treat both issues, but if that doesn't exist perhaps you could find two programs that would be willing to work together?

    Lastly, please remember to take care of yourself. Caring for someone with a chronic illness and depression can be very difficult, so we want you to remember that you are welcome as part of our community if you need support!

    Best wishes,

    ~Mariah~ (Site Moderator)

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