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Can I take alendronic acid with methotrexate?

Have just been diagnosed with osteoporosis. Am going to start taking alendronic acid. Can I take this on the same day as my methotrexate. I know I will have to wait at least 30 mins before I take my other meds.

  1. Hi ! Thanks for reaching out here. Sorry to hear about your recent diagnosis. We can't give medical advice here (for your safety!) but are you able to call your pharmacy and ask about any interactions here? Or your doctor's office? They should be able to better advise on this one for you! Know we will be thinking of you here as you start your new medication, and sending you love <3 -Alesandra ( Team)

    1. Thanks. I just wondered if anyone else was taking both meds on same day. At the moment I am taking so many different meds on different days and different times. Just thought if I could take them on the same day even at different times it would be be one less to worry and stress about

      1. Hi pansypotter. Always a great idea to check for contraindications when adding medications. I did find that methotrexate and alendronic acid can increase the potential for liver or kidney function issues. I did not see anything concerning the timing of the dosages. Are you already having regular blood work to monitor for this? I ask because these blood tests are often done for those on methotrexate. My wife, Kelly Mack (a contributor here), was on methotrexate for years and regular had these tests. As Alesandra mentioned, your doctor should be able to provide additional guidance. Best, Richard ( Team)

        1. Thanks for replying Richard. I have a blood test every 2 weeks now. The osteoporosis was diagnosed when I had a bone scan. I contacted my RA nurse about the question of taking the methotrexate and andrelonic acid on the same day and she said that I could. Took them last week and I was ok. I was so worried about taking more medication and the stress made me feel so anxious. Hopefully things will continue to stay stable.

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