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Does anyone else take Rituxan?

  1. While we wait for community members to chime in I thought I'd share a couple of articles with more information on Rituxan:

    All the best, please reach out again if you need to! ~Monica

    1. Thank you for the information. I was definitely diagnosed with sero-negative auto-immune inflammatory arthritis (RA with very low or negative blood tests) about 10 years ago at the Mayo Clinic. I’ve taken sooo many drugs with little response, or drugs where the efficacy lessens so much over time, that the side effects outweigh any benefits from the drugs. My rheumatologist is currently recommending treatment with Rituxan. I am having a lot of reservations about this therapy due to the extensive list of side effects. I’d really like to hear the experiences of patients who have taken or are currently taking this drug. I should note that I am unable to take methotrexate due to side effects, so they are recommending combination therapy with Sulfasalazine, a drug I’ve taken in the past as mono therapy, with little effect on my RA symptoms. So, if there’s anyone who used this combination of drugs, or Rituxan without methotrexate, I’d really like to hear your experiences. Thank you.

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