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Best Remedy for Turbulent Emotions

What is the best remedy for the turbulent emotions that accompany RA?

  1. Hi crawa197, this is an excellent question. I think you're already taking a really positive step by joining a supportive online community like this one. Here you'll find so many others like you and who care about you. You're always welcome here whenever you need a friend. In addition to finding support online, we encourage to reach out to in-person support options when you need as well, such as in-person support groups, counselors, or any other health professional. It is so important to take care of your mental and emotional health through this journey, and I'm glad you're thinking this as well. Also, I've found a few articles on coping with RA and it's emotions that I think you may connect with on this, too. You can find these here, and here

    Please keep us posted on everything! Sending hugs your way! -Casey, Team

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