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Biosimilar Medications

Looking for others that may have tried a biosimilar medication. I found one good article but nobody who has tried them.

Any have any experience yet?

  1. First: hello. My name is Ron. I am new to this site, but I think I might fit in your query. My rheumatologist started me on Rituxin/Rituximab in 2016 and I am delighted with the results. My arthritis is not only in my joints but a few years ago caused the lining around my lungs to inflame and build up fluid enough to develop pleural effusions that required draining. After 4 or 5 "taps" the fluid surrounding my lungs became more jelled and not able to be "tapped". Through all this, my breathing was compromised and worsened as time went on. As I am on blood thinners for my heart valve, surgery was out of the question. My doc tried me on Enbrel followed by Humira. I developed some complications to both over time, so now we are using Rituxin/Rituximab. So far, my RA is in remission. Unfortunately my breathing is still compromised and will not improve. But we soldier on. I was first diagnosed with RA in my early 30s and I ran the gambit of ingested and injected drugs through these last 30+ years. I either developed complications such as side effects to the drug or it simply did not do anything for me. So, Rituxin. I am hopeful that I can remain in remission as is my physician and family. (Happy face here)

    1. Ron

      Are you on the "biosimilar" drug or Rituxan? Ironically ACR released this today:

      1. Well. I guess I am in error. I confirmed that my doc has been treating me with Rituximab, which is a biologic, not a biosimilar. Please accept my apologies

        1. No problem - glad you have something that is working; here is a pretty good review of the types of medications used;

          The biosimilar drugs a new, suppossed to be just as good and perhaps less expensive so i am just trying to see if anyone has any experience with them yet


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