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Botox for an arthritis patient

Hello, nice to meet you people. My best friend is having Rheumatoid Arthritis, and I'm glad that there is a community to sort out the problems of such patients. My friend is considering to have a Botox treatment ( ) from Toronto. Is Botox safe for a person having rheumatoid arthritis? She is at present taking Methotrexate two times a week and Humira infusions twice every other week. Please give some advice.

  1. Thanks for writing helldell. First, I need to say that for the safety of those writing in we cannot give out medical advice over the internet. It would be best for your friend to check with their doctor about not only the safety of the Botox treatments for someone with RA, but also about any potential drug interaction issues.

    Skin issues are not uncommon for people with RA. Here is a cuople of articles from two of our contributors dealing with these issues:

    Hope this information proves useful and welcome to the community. Best,

    Richard ( Team)

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