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Does anyone have issues with brain fog?

  1. Hi again ! You certainly aren't alone here with experiencing brain fog. In fact, we have a wealth of articles about this very subject! I'm sure you can find some insight in them, here: I hope these articles help answer any questions you might have! Take care. - Alesandra ( Team)

    1. Hi ,

      The simple answer is absolutely. This is something I struggle with on a daily basis. It's easily upsetting as I want to feel sharp and energized. The hardest part is that I feel I am unable to remember things as well as the people around me. To combat this I try my best to write as many things down as possible. For me, this includes things I need to do, any thoughts I have, and experiences in my life. I also try to play brain games to keep my mind stimulated. These techniques really help me and make me feel like I have a better handle on my brain fog.

      Best of luck!

      Franki, Team

      1. We all deal with this issue! It tends to wax and wane. Brain fog seems to be worst for me prior to and during a flare. Talk with your rheumatologist .
        Mary Sophia

        1. Yes I've been having brain fog and it is very aggravating.

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