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Breast cancer reconstruction with RA


I've diagnosed DCIS which is breast precancer. I've have RA for 13 years and I am on Benepali(Enbrel) for 8 years. Since I had a child, benepali has been working well and all under control. But I recently diagnosed precancer and have to have mastectomy which my whole breast will be removed. Surgeon gave me options for reconstruction. If I can I like to have silicon implant. But I've read that it will be difficult to have reconstruction with RA and its treatment. I have to decide if I will have reconstruction or not but before that I'd like to know if there is anyone has experience with it or know about this. I should've call RA consultant but I was very shocked.that I have cancer and couldn't think about it. I did talk to biologic nurse but she doesn't know about it. Please help if anyone knows or have experience πŸ™

  1. Hi . Your shock and anxiousness is certainly understandable and it is good that you are now seeking information. As I think you now realize, speaking with your RA consultant/rheumatologist is an important step in figuring out what you would need to do concerning your RA treatment and any potential surgery. I can tell you that my wife, Kelly Mack (a contributor here), had a breast cyst removed and did not have to change or stop her biologic treatment. I also understand that is not the same thing. Kelly has had other major surgeries while on biologics and has always been able to remain on or resume the treatment. Enbrel has actually been studied as a breast cancer treatment, with mixed results (see: An important question is whether the implant would have any negative interaction with the drug and there is research about these types of interactions, but I didn't find anything in relation to Enbrel or biologic medications in general (my search was by no means exhaustive and your doctor should certainly know more or where to look). Hopefully others will chime in with their thoughts and experiences. Please feel free, if you like, to keep us posted on how you are doing and to ask additional questions. Best, Richard ( Team)

    1. Thank you so much for your reply. This is very helpful and very interesting that enbrel is breast cancer treatment. I was just worried and didn't think about talking to RA consultant. I have to answer if I like to have a implant or not by tomorrow. So not having enough time to talk to the consultant but I will still try to talk to him or his secretary. Very helpful. If any more questions come up to me i will write here again. Thank you. 😊

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