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Bursitis at night in hips..

I’ve noticed that around 3-4 AM, i get bursitis when laying on the side and then it affects the other hip when I switch sides. This only happens at night.. My I T Bands are tight..... RA related?

  1. I have hip bursitis and am trying to figure out if I have sero-neg. RA.

    My rheum said that def. those with RA are more prone to bursitis, and tendon issues in general.

    The pred. I am on helps somewhat with it, but also PT exercises for hip bursitis can help loosen the joint and IT band.

    Good luck. I have been struggling with this since Aug. It sucks.

    1. Hi Vixvolv. Sorry you are having these hip pains. Have you been diagnosed with RA? You mention tight IT bands. These usually result in pain in the knee area. Concerning bursitis, it certainly can occur with RA, but there are numerous other potential causes. Your doctor should be able to provide more specifics. Best, Richard ( Team)

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