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Can anyone help?

Can anyone help?

I am 65 years old and was fit and healthy for most of my life, doing regular exercise and having annual medical check-ups.
Last year 2023, I started feeling aches and pains in my joints and after various tests was diagnosed with the following

Condition: Rheumatoid Arthritis. Tested positive: 8 Sept 2023
Condition: Osteopenia and bulging discs in the neck both sides and both legs. Tested positive 2 and 3 Oct 2023
Condition: Antiphospholipid syndrome (APS) Tested positive 13 Oct 2023
Condition: Ankylosing Spondylitis. Tested positive: 30 Oct 2023

I have tried physiotherapy which bought on flare ups, I have tried various different diets to try and get my blood readings back to normal,
I have tried various medication including methrotrexate (for the RA), rabeloc (to protect my organs), HCQS (immune system), Medrol (anti-inflammatory),
Omega 3-6-9 (APS), astrix aspirin (APS), Clacid Denk EFFE (Osteopenia) and Panadol and panadeine (for the pain)
I have tried meditation and tried completely changing my lifestyle (only walking and swimming)
I have had little success and the inflammation is still in an active state.

My next step is the Biologic treatment option. Can anyone tell me if there has been any research in this area? If so, what are the results of
the research? What is the success rate of the top 3 drugs in this field?

Hoping for a way forward to be able to have some quality of life living with these conditions.

Thanks for any help?

  1. We appreciate your question! Navigating through this journey, especially when newly diagnosed can feel like and up and down roller coaster. I want to share with you an article that goes over biologic medication options which also lists some of the most popular ones. You can access that information here- And since you are considering going this route, I want to add another article that gives you some great questions to ask your doctor when going about choosing the best option for you- Lastly, we have a discussion forum where members have shared their experience using biologics, I think you may find their feedback helpful as you go through your process- I hope all of this helps you in some way but if we've missed anything please do not hesitate to reach back to us! All the best, Latoya (Team Member)

    1. I really appreciate your response. I will read through your links and I have an appointment set up with the Rheumatology Clinic in London on 19 June 2024 to have the discussion on my next step. I will reach back to you with any progress or results after that consultation. Many thanks again 😀

      1. I just wanted to chime in and give you the 10000 foot view. I know when you are first diagnosed it can be overwhelming and frustrating. Finding the right medication for your specific RA takes time, heck, for me it took twenty years to find the right biologic. Once you do, though, it can work to reduce the disease activity significantly. As for the pain, though, for me I had to end up seeing a pain specialist and that, fortunately, gave me back a quality of life that was acceptable. Either way, just know that many RA patients do eventually find a routine that works for them to help mitigate the flares and discomfort as best they can and they do find a life inside all of it. Best of luck, keep us informed and remember - you are not alone! Keep on keepin' on, DPM

        1. Very many thanks for your informative post, I will certainly keep you updated and hopefully it will not take me 20 years to find the right biologic and a cure for the pain but let's see how it goes!

          1. ,
            I remember my questions about biologics. Fortunately, we have lots of research on biologics and DMARDS. The most important thing to remember is without these medications, you will have serious joint damage. Diet, relaxation, sleep, are all important. But the medications make the difference. Pain control is different for everyone. Try, try again, try again. Remember that you are still you. Listen to your body and advocate for what you need. We are all with you.

            Mary Sophia

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