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Can physiotherapy treatment help treat RA?

Hey!! Can anyone here explain me the treatments of RA? I'm currently awaiting an appointment with a rheumatologist as my GP considers that my symptoms and blood results point to RA.
I'm worried about the situation as the suspected RA is affecting my hands and feet. Can a physiotherapy treatment help treat RA? I have read an article which says physical exercises at the early stage of this disease can improve your joints strength and flexibility.
Has anyone here undergone physiotherapy treatment for RA? Since it's the early stage, I'm planning to schedule an appointment with a physiotherapist in Richmond Hill. But before that, I would like to know your experience with physiotherapy. Thanks!!

  1. Hi angelina123! I know facing a diagnosis of RA can be pretty daunting at first, so please don't hesitate to come her anytime you have questions. There are a variety of treatments that can be used to manage RA symptoms. In addition to any feedback from our members on physiotherapy, here is some information from our site about it -- And here is some more information on alternative therapies for RA -- And here is some comprehensive information on a variety of treatments -- If you click on the words in dark blue on the left hand side of the page (like NSAIDS, for example), it will take you to more in-depth information on that specific treatment. I hope this helps answer some of your questions and best of luck! I hope you are able to see a rheumatologist very soon. Best, Erin, Team Member.

    1. I don't know if this will be helpful but, I recently completed 4 wks of pt for neck spasms that affected my balance and my head (foggy) My Primary sent me not my rheumatologist. On evaluation day, because I stated on my questionnaire that I have RA, the Dr of PT wouldn't touch me until he had pictures and Rheumatology release for treatment. After having xrays and rheumatologist approval, I began pt. It was not as aggressive as pt I've had in the past. The therapist said in RA it's a whole new ballgame with treatment because they COULD cause more harm than good. He recommended massage....He did give me exercises to help alleviate my neck spasms but says because of the inflammation RA causes I could be back to square 1....and 3 wks later, I am. I would be very interested in knowing what YOUR therapist had to say being you're a person with RA as well. Best of luck....Pauline

      1. Hi Pchoate. I am in the middle of this drama right now. After one treatment of PT and acupuncture I ended up in the ER getting CTs and bloodwork. They decided that I was septic because of the fever and hospitalized me. Never did find the source, but 10 days of oral antibiotics after the ones I got in the IV. The next day after I finished that round of antibiotics, I did PT and acupuncture again. That night I felt a lump growing on my neck. The next day it was the size of an egg and I had a fever of 102.5. Back to the doctor, then sent to Ear, Nose and Throat doctor trying to stay out of hospital. More antibiotics. Infected salivary gland, possible stone. Evidently, my immune system is fighting back against the acupuncture and the stretches and strengthening of my neck is causing all kinds of problems. Rheumatologist had to take me off all RA meds for the last month trying to clear up the infection.

        What a mess! I'm not sure if it is worth it.

        I hope you get different results.


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