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Care for RA

My mother was diagnosed with RA two years back (Had the pain for years). She has been living in an assisted care facility in Canada for the past three years, as we were working out of country. Now that we are moving back to Canada, I am planning to bring my mother home. But I have no idea how to care for her RA, and I work full time. So we have decided to hire a caregiver from . They are arranging an interview for candidates next week. Can you please suggest the questions to ask, to hire the right person. What are the skills needed for taking care of someone with RA? Please advise!

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    RA can be a a very individual illness, meaning that it can affect everyone who has it differently. That means that the skills needed to assist someone with RA will vary somewhat based on how the disease affects your mother. For example, which joints does it impact? Does she have trouble moving, standing, or walking? Does she have issues with small motor tasks like opening jars or brushing her hair? What type of medications is she taking? Does she need someone to give her injections or remind her to take pills? I would recommend speaking to your mother's rheumatologist about your concerns. He or she will have the best understanding of your mother's particular case of RA and should be able to give you more specific guidance.

    Best of luck!
    ~Mariah~ (Site Moderator)

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