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Citrate free Humira

Ok, I just took my first dose with the citrate free, smaller needle, less fluid injecting Humira-and boy was it a much better experience! There was literally NO PAIN! I usually inject in my abdomen, since injecting in my thigh was excruciating, and left me pretty bruised up. Still it was so painful that I'd gasp and hold my breath, and when it was time for the next shot I'd sit and stare at the pen sadly and talk myself into taking my shot. This time as I heard the click and....nothing. It was over, the yellow filled the window, and I found myself wondering if I really got any medicine. Then I laughed. Other patients were telling the truth, it was actually pain free. Now I find myself wondering if it was a one shot experience. Anyone else or there using the citrate free for a good while-do the shots continue as painless?

  1. Oh I am glad it worked out. I hope things continue on the upside. I have never used Humira, but I have heard it was a bear.

    1. Kay, I'm so glad to hear your injection was pain free. I hope it will continue to be that way for you! Stay strong.

      -Franki ( Team)

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