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Does anyone have constant flares?

Does anyone have constant "flares" -- pain that hardly alleviates or doesn't alleviate at all for many weeks at a time? I just presented with RA symptoms about 6-8 weeks ago, and have been in pain all that time. It even breaks through Naproxen, which is all I have been prescribed as I wait for blood tests to confirm what type of RA or other joint inflammation disorder I have.

  1. Yes. I have been at this since 1979. I have gone in and out of remission many times. the Last round of flare. ( pain and fatigue) started in 2012 and June 17th 2018. I would say I normally live at a level 3/4 pain, which I call normal. But I know longer can distinguish between RA and collateral damage of RA and life. Flairs that get my attention start at 6 and end off the chart. I have been pain free 5 or 6 days since 2011. which I chart because they are so wonderful.

    1. Not sure knowing someone else out there has almost constant pain makes anything better, but thanks for responding!

      1. Having lived with RA for a long time, been a successful parent, a solid employee, and a good spouse, plus making most of our retirement ok despite the pain fatigue I think is a positive message. RA is a lousy deal, but one can work through it and relegate its side affects to a minimal role in ones existance. Don't let it own you, minimize how it affects your life. be well and keep on trucking Larry

      2. Hi. I was diagnosed four months ago. I am in constant pain about a 4/5. I am lucky my doctor has me on pain meds for my back or I’d be in a lot more pain. I’m taking methotrexate once a week but get migraine afterwards. I don’t get a lot done as far as housework goes, I just do it a little at a time. I’ve found that you do what you can and get the rest next time around. Once the doctor gets the meds right I’ll feel better. And so will you. Good luck with your test results.

    2. Hi to you yes i had a big one this morning still feel yuck.

      1. - I surely hate to be your "out-of-the-gate" downer, but I was diagnosed with RA 4 years ago, one year after being diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Of course, there is not a cure or known cause of either disease so we've tried several (separate) cocktails for each. And we've had better luck with the fibro meds. (Better, but not great!). Point being, after 4+ years of taking and/or injecting various medications & combinations of those medicines, and I am not at all any better than I was when first diagnosed. In fact, I am worse: according to my last round of x-rays. So sorry; I truly am. You just have to remember that everyone reacts differently to these meds. For me, the first couple seemed to be working, for about a month, then right back to where I started... SO DARN frustrating!! Hang in there!! Your drug may be the next one they try

        1. Hi Cyd. New here but could have written your post! Yes SO frustrating to be I’m constant pain. Just started infusions of simponi aria (had 2 so far one coming up next month). Not a bit of change but maybe too soon.
          Hope you’re doing better.

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