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Has anyone received the COVID vaccine?

Being immunocompromised I am on the fence due to the side effects. I have a coworker who is healthy and was down for two days after the second dose suffering from horrific joint and muscle pain. She said it was the most horrible 48 hours.

Also had 102.7 fever on day one and down to 100.5 on the second day. She has tested negative for COVID.

I need to make a decision because my Dr is putting me on Humira and I can’t start it until I’ve received both doses of the vaccine. Decisions, decisions. Thanks!

  1. Hi Niser! Great question. The covid vaccine is new and we are learning more each day. Our editorial team recently published a primer on how the vaccine may affect those with autoimmune conditions, like rheumatoid arthritis. Take a look here!

    Also because the condition is new, it's worth checking with your doctor first about taking the vaccine as they will have the most knowledge about your personal medical history.

    I hope the article helps! And we'll also see what other community members say too.


    Reggie ( Team Member)

    1. Hi Niser. I have had the first shot and get the 2nd one next week. I did have chills, aches, and cough for 2-3 days afterward, but feel fine now. Working in health care, I feel like a few days feeling like I was coming down with an illness is worth it for any defense against COVID. I saw my rheumatologist this week and he told me after both injections, there is between 90 and 95% immunity. Make the best decision for you. Your rheumatologist won't steer you wrong. Good luck.

      1. I have RA and I got my first dose on January 7th.
        I had some side effects like a welt at the injection site that lasted way longer then my husband’s did when he got it. Also body aches and stuff. I definitely didn’t feel good for a few days but then on third day I was mostly back to normal.

        I had the Moderna vaccine. It’s not a live virus vaccine it’s a small piece of the virus RNA and so you really just feel your immune system response to a foreign body. It’s not a fun experience with an autoimmune disease but it is most definitely worth it for the protection it can offer.
        In 2018 I had a cold that turned into pneumonia in about four weeks time. If your immune system has something to work with then you have a better chance of fighting off the virus should you contact it.
        I didn’t have the second does yet but you can think of it like your immune system is on the look out for the thing it saw last time so your body might react a little stronger to it. I mean I am far from a doctor but that my slightly educated guess.
        I think it’s so worth the protection it can offer especially since the vaccine will not give you the full virus.

        1. Had no significant side effects from the first injection. Took the second yesterday; twelve hours in a serious flare began that kept me up all night. No fever or respiratory problems. Will be taking a down day today.

          1. Thanks for sharing your experience mikemckee47. Wishing you some relief very soon. Best, Kelly, Team Member

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