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Covid vaccine question (not political 😉

I have worked in the Covid population since the start of the pandemic, so when I was offered the vaccine last December, started the Pfizer series. I do not have a RA diagnosis at this time btw.

First shot, I started fever (100-101) , body aches and chills about 12 hrs after Thai lasted 24 hrs with another day of fatigue. Not fun but tolerable.

Second shot, symptoms started at 12 hrs again but much worse. Fever to 103, body aches, chills, headache, sweats, no appetite, nausea for 3 days. 4th day woke up exhausted but all other symptoms were gone. 5th day, fever returned (100-101) with all other symptoms back, lasting another 3 days.

Anyone here have a similar response? I know a few people with autoimmune disease who have had similar but not many. It’s being recommended that I get a booster due to ongoing exposure, but I’m having a hard time thinking I could be down for a week again - or worse.

I also wonder if the first 3 days were direct vaccine response that went onto a flare? I don’t recall the weeks right after.

I will def wait to see a rheum before making a decision on the booster. I’m just curious to know if anyone here has had similar and what advice you’ve gotten regarding the vaccines.

Thanks in advance!

  1. , thanks for sharing your covid vaccine experience here! I think this is such an important discussion to have and I hope you get some responses from other community members. I know that at least a few of our community members have shared that they experienced a flare after getting a vaccine (not covid) and some members have felt that the covid shot did trigger a flare. I think it's still too early to have hard data on this, but it's definitely something to consider before getting your booster. And I think it's smart to discuss this with your rheumatologist first.

    Here's one member's story from this Spring --

    And here's one of our contributor's experience with getting the third shot --

    Again, I hope your post gets some traction, as I know this is a timely and important discussion to be having.

    I am sorry you dealt with a possible flare; I know those are no fun.

    Thanks for posting and I would be interested to see what your rheumatologist suggests!

    Best, Erin, Team Member.

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