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Anyone on this forum that has had RA first then Crohn's decided to join the party?

I’m a 66-year-old female.

Diagnosed with RA and Crohn's Disease

I’ve had RA for about 18 years now. About 4 years ago I was also diagnosed with Crohn's.

Crohn's is usually a young person’s disease so a bit unusual that I should acquire and I’ve not really gotten an answer from with doctor as to why except both diseases are autoimmune. Early years with RA I was on Enbrel and was doing ok. Once Crohn's added I was moved to Humira.....unfortunately, that’s not taking care of the Crohn's and it’s progressing.

What medication helps Crohn's disease and rheumatoid arthritis?

I will meet with the gastro doctor next week to see what she’ll suggest next. Is there anyone on this forum that has RA then Crohn's as I have?

If so, how are you handling and what drugs are you taking? Thanks for any feedback...not seeming much out there on this combination.

  1. Hi - thanks for sharing! Trying to navigate two conditions like RA and Crohn's is a challenge.

    But it can be done! One of our fantastic community advocates, Amanda Osowski, actually has both conditions as well. You can read more about her here: And she might be able to share her perspective as well!

    Thanks for dropping by,

    Reggie ( Team)

    1. Thanks for your response to my question and for referring me to Amanda. I’ve read all the details she’s provided and will probably reach out to her once I’ve met with my gastroenterologist and her recommended next step.

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