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Crystal/stone healing-anyone else?

I am a Christian woman who is miserable with her RA. Yes, I see a good rheumy. Yes I take everything she recommends. It has been 6 yrs and I see myself going downhill more every 6 months or so. No I don't work, yes I have insurance, yes I'm on disability. I am blessed.
Of course there is no rhyme nor reason to this disease. Some days are "ok". Many are not. So I looked into healing stones/crystals.
Real or imagined, they help. Really. Look it up.

  1. Thanks for writing IamStable. I can't personally speak to the efficacy of healing stones/crystals, but, as you say "real or imagined, they help" you and I'm glad you are getting some relief.

    There are definitely natural remedies and therapies that members of the community utilize. This infographic looks at these types of therapies that members reported using:

    This article from our editorial team looks at some other alternative treatments:

    As the quote from Shakespeare says "There are more things in heaven and earth ..." Please keep us posted on how you are doing. Best, Richard ( Team)

    1. These article would be very helpful. Also, I have tried to research some other top articles and blogs on Google to get some info about this!

      1. Hi Everyone! Do you want to know what is the right Healing Crystal for your RA?

        1. This article is very helpful and I am also have a strong believe in crystal. And I am also use variuse crystal (grief crystals and stones) for my health and I am very satisfied by them. Thanks
          for sharing your thoughts.

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