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Does anyone have cyclic joint pain and fatigue?

Does anyone's achy joints and fatigues be cyclic?

I am newly diagnosed with RA. It seems that every 10 to 14 days I experience achy joints especially in my hands and general fatigue. It is not a normal tired. On other days I feel fine. I am wondering if it is all in my head.

  1. Hey tjjemel! Thanks for reaching out! I hope other moderators and community members respond with their experiences.

    I would suggest (based on my own experiences) to jot down food, meds and activity notes every day. They may show insight into any patterns that could cause increased pain or fatigue. I don't always share my articles but I recently wrote one on journaling to find patterns and trends:

    I personally found out I felt the most tired two days after one of my medications or if I ate a certain food.

    All the best, please reach out again if you need to! ~Monica

    1. Hi tjjemel. Sorry you are having these issues with cyclic flaring. On top of the excellent advice from Monica concerning monitoring/journaling your activities, you may want to share this advice with your doctor to see if they spot any problematic patterns. Also, are you on a medication that you take on a periodic schedule? For example: some community members have noted when they take a bi-weekly biologic that they notice difficulties as the time for the next treatment approaches. You should also notify the doctor if this seems to be the case. Hope you find some answers soon. Best, Richard ( Team)

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