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I've done a fusion Tibetan and Ayuvedic diet for RA for the last 5 years. And now its amazing. If I go off the diet I am ill, in horrible pain and can't walk, fall and have my tendons tearing, but if I stay on it I feel better and better. I have days where I feel like a normal human now.

The thing is it took over three years for this to really start to work for me. There are two other important components as well. I am doing Tibetan herbal medicine from the Dalai Lamas medical institute that have had a huge effect. Also according to their advice I am doing very little activity. If I try to I do to much I crash.

  1. The core of the diet is no sour or acidic food.
    The tastes to be favored are sweet, salty and oily. (sweet should not be processed, but natural sugars etc.)
    Sour is an absolute no no.
    Bitter and astringent foods are tolerated in small quantities and for myself this is 1-2 servings in several weeks.

    Citrus of any kind is out.

    Due to the alkaloid/amino acids in night shades they are prohibited. (uncooked tomato in small amounts may be tolerated, If I am crashing this is out, if I am stable I can do 1 cherry tomato a day)

    Milk is allowed if it is boiled. I can tolerate cheese in very small servings.

    Meat is allowed in small portions if it is boiled and only Buffalo, Beef, and
    poultry but white meat is to be avoided if possible.

    There are only 3 lentils and 1 bean that are allowed.

    This is just the heart of the diet. There are quite a few more instructions.

    The RA diet can vary from one part of India to the other but this may be due to differences in genetics?
    The core of the best Tibetan diet advice I was given was NO SOUR!!!

    1. No cold food
      No raw food
      No left overs (they get heavy)

      food should be fresh and not processed

      The root of this disease is considered in these systems to be a digestion
      that is faulty and turns the digestive essence into a toxin that then coats the tissues,
      hence the auto immune response to destroying the tissue.

      1. One of the moderators sent a kind notification and 'thanks for participating' and mentioned that one should always consult their rheumatologist before following advise. And that all individuals are different.

        Thing is my rheumatologist has never once had any advice about diet. My eastern docs have lots.

        The rheumy and I have discussed the eastern etymology of the disease. Which has a faulty digestion as its root. The rheumy thought it sounded like a sound cause. She also said there was some research starting into intestine bacteria and a cause.

        Two other points:

        clearly this is a digestive/metabolic disease, the digestion is not functioning; if one eats dry, cold and raw the constipation is horrible. The fatigue is horrible and the metabolic thermostat is not stable. Further research into symptomatology and root causes needs to be done.

        secondly I did find an older sci research paper that looked at a reduced acid diet that had positive results. Imo there is a problem with short term diet studies; it took over 3 years for my diet to be clarified. In the beginning it had to be perfect for over a month before I had an almost ok day, now it works in 1-2 days.

        Also 6 months after starting this diet and the Tibetan herbs all my lab tests are normal.

        So to conclude the diet and behavioral advise is extensive, I have only posted the heart of it. Also the allopathic drugs used for this disease are horrible imo with too many very very serious side effects and every where I read someone is saying they all only work short term.

        More research needs to be done into the root digestive cause and the effects of diet on this disease. You can reinvent the wheel. But what a waste of time when the east clearly has a wealth of knowledge.

        Remember in the western past all arthritics were placed on a bland moist diet. And ill people all reduced their activity significantly.

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