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Effects of Covid vaccines on our RA ...


New tho this site because looking for feedback from fellow RA sufferers with regards to after effects of Covid vaccine on your RA.

I have had three vaccines and seem to have noticeably deteriorated with sensitive bones (joints), fatigue and more reliability on painkillers and anti-inflams.

I also seem to have developed 'Polymyalgia' type symptoms with painful arms, shoulders, back and hip and groin areas.

Before the vaccines I was managing the conditin very well and even doing over 50 KM on my bicycle every week plus body exercises such as press ups and sit ups, albeit very gingerly.

But now I am gradually becoming more and more crippled every week.

Has anyone else experienced this at all?

Thank you.


  1. Hi Sandy. I wish you were not in so much pain. You are not alone. Here is a thread started by another member having similar issues after the Covid vaccine: Most people seem to handle the vaccines well, but vaccines do put a lot of stress on your body as it works to build antibodies against the disease. That stress can trigger autoimmune diseases and make them worse. Given your reaction to the vaccine, it's likely you would have had an even worse reaction had you contracted Covid without having been vaccinated. I know that's not much comfort now. I hope your doctor is able to help you bring your symptoms back under control so you can live your life more fully again. Thinking of you and sending lots of healing energy your way. - Lori (Team Member)

    1. Hi Lori,

      Many , many thanks for your reply.
      Like many sufferers we are (most of us) probably good at dealing with everyday pain or just hiding it.
      I just get on with my day but the vaccines have inflamed the disease.

      I will talk to my consultant but they are notorious for being reluctant to change things.

      I will look at the thread you suggested to.

      I had COVID in January 2020 before it became a ‘thing’ and only had flu symptoms.
      Only the second time in my 58 years I have had flu.

      Thank you again for your help and suggestions.



      1. , I am sorry you are dealing with these issues. While I tend to be pretty supportive of vaccinations, I know that none of them are 100% perfect or without potential side effects. I hope you keep monitoring your symptoms and please do report them to your physician. More data about vaccines helps researchers continue to create better, safer options.

        That said, I wish you weren't dealing with this at all. And I do hope these issues start clearing up.

        Best, Erin, Team Member.

    2. Yes
      I got my booster shot in late Oct and started to get weird foot pain, then got covid in Jan and have been in flare up mode for past 7 or 8 months. Before that I was regulated for 7 years!!! I have been on and off steriods and started and stopped arava as my liver values were very bad. Have you gotton any relief?

      1. Hi,

        Yes, very similar with regards to type of pain and medication etc.
        No relief as yet.

        Symptoms getting worse so just gritting teeth and getting on with it.
        I’m trying not to rely on meds and instead watching my diet and keeping my muscles strong to support my joints. I do this with static cycling on a home trainer setup so very little load on the joints.

        I’m afraid there’s not much more I can do.

        The vaccines, without doubt in my mind, have exacerbated the RA.

        1. , thank you for the update! I am sorry you are still dealing with pain and other symptoms. I know that has to be frustrating. I hope your efforts to eat healthy and keep your body strong pays off and you start noticing a decrease in your symptoms.

          Best, Erin, Team Member.

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