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Best clothing after elbow replacement surgery?

  1. Hi ! I'm hopeful other community members will chime in with their experience with elbow replacement surgery and potential clothing options for you. I would consider anything loose and with minimal buttons or clasps... Maxi dresses and nightgowns come to mind first. I'm sorry I can't be more helpful to you! - Alesandra ( Team)

    1. Hi ! I don't have personal experience with elbow replacement surgery, but I would add on to Alesandra's comment by saying vests may be a good pick for the colder weather! Loose, light or short sleeves paired with a vest may be a good option to keep you warm without restricting arm movement. Shawls can help with that too. You may also find it helpful to stick with clothes that button, snap, or zip up the front as opposed to going over the head -- I would recommend easy snaps (such as magnetic ones) or zippers for ease of use.

      I hope your recovery is going well, best of luck! - Cindy ( Team)

      1. Hi !
        How is your elbow feeling after the replacement? Would you recommend the procedure? Do you still get RA pain and swelling in the elbow? I'd love to hear about your experience to help gain insight into my own situation. Thanks,

        1. And a button up shirt or loose t shirt just put surery arm in first and loose fitting pants also helps because u want b able to use your arm and get some to help wer needed

        2. Thank you for sharing. I'm glad you are having good results with pain. How's the mobility? Is it stiff or easy to move?

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