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Does anyone have RA with elevated liver enzymes?

I was diagnosed in March and with all of the bloodwork, it was discovered that I also had elevated liver enzymes. In the past they have been normal. I am getting conflicting answers as to whether it is part of having RA or a totally separate issue.

  1. I have that as well, for the first time

    1. Hi calgirl. First, let me say that I'm sorry to hear about the diagnosis, but glad you have sought out a place you can get support and information. Heightened liver enzymes can often be an issue for monitoring with RA, particularly in relation to certain medications. Since your high tests came back before you started treatment, some other cause (potentially separate from RA) may be to blame. In this article one of our contributors writes about suddenly having elevated liver enzymes, monitoring it, and discovering it was simply something that passed quickly: Once you start treatment, monitoring may become a regular thing and this article from another contributor goes into more detail: Your doctor should be able to provide additional information on potential causes of liver enzyme increases and on treatments and their potential effects on the liver. Wishing you the best and please know that this community is here for you. Richard ( Team)

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