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Enbrel vs. Humira

Has anyone gotten relief from Humira when Enbrel did not work?

  1. I just switched from enbrel to humira. Humira worked really well for 9 years till this past month.

    1. discgman,

      Thanks for your support and for writing in our forums.
      We are sorry to hear that Humira has stopped working for you. We hope your rheumatologist can get you on something that can work as well as Humira did for 9 years. Please reach out if you need information and support.

      Thanks for being part of our community.
      Best, Lauren ( Team)

  2. Great question lbohling. So sorry you aren't having any relief from Enbrel. We understand you here and you are not alone in finding a treatment plan that works. I hope the community can offer you some support. (Thanks discgman!!!)
    While we cannot offer medical advice via the internet for your safety, please keep in mind that different treatments do work differently for everyone.
    I thought these two articles would be helpful for you in the process:

    Please check back with us and let us know how you are doing.
    We are glad to have you here!
    Lauren ( Team)

    1. I have gotten relief but feel that I need to take it once every week instead of every two weeks.

      1. Thanks Lauren. I am still flaring up after Humira stopped working. Four weeks of enbrel and no relief. Flareups are the worse ive had in a while. Shoulders, feet, hands, wrists and knees. I can only get some relief from the presidone taper. I had to get more of due to latest issues. Rumy dr says to give enbrel more time so I bought another 4 weeks supply. Hate to keep switching but if it doesnt work why bother. At least humira started to work soon after I took meds.

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