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Energy from Humira

Has anyone else had tons of energy at beginning of Humira treatment? I have had 2 doses of Humira and my energy level reminds me of myself before being diagnosed with RA. First I was on Sulfasalazine and then later methotrexate added and now Humira added. I stopped Sulfasalazine after 1st dose of Humira. I have so much energy I am unable to sleep. I sleep 3-4 hours a night. I have never had problems with insomnia before. I love feeling “normal” again but the insomnia is pure craziness. So frustrating. I am wondering if maybe it is just an adjustment phase I need to go through. I did send my rheumatologist a message he just hasn’t gotten back to me with an answer yet.

  1. Hi, ! I frankly have never come across a person that experiences energy bursts while taking Humira! I will say that two potential side effects of Humira are weight loss and anxiety. Now, I know you may not be experiencing those particular symptoms, but maybe your body is reacting to the medication and giving you a measure of 'restless energy' and insomnia. I hope your rheumatologist gets back to you very soon! While it may be related to the Humira, it's always good to get any new or worsening symptoms checked out by your physician, to be safe. I do hope the insomnia abates, but you manage to retain that energy and feeling of 'normalness'. Best, Erin, Team Member.

    1. Thank you very much. I have lost weight but I figured it was because my fast metabolism from all of the energy. Now that you mention anxiety that could be what I am experiencing since I have restlessness, insomnia and constantly on the move. My house has never looked so good. LOL I should hear from my rheumatologist today.
      Thanks, Theresa

      1. you may also appreciate a recent article about RA and insomnia ( that could also be helpful. Please let us know what your rheumy says! 💜 - Reggie, Team Member

    2. Thank you very much.

      1. I don't know that I'd call it TONS of energy, but for me it was so life changing that the world was a whole new wonderful place. Humira gave me my life back. I had been on steroids and MTX which only did a so-so job of easing the pain of the RA for about 15-20 years before I went on Humira.

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