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Has anyone taken Arava?

My doctor just switched me from methotrexate because of lung issues. He’s not sure how I will tolerate it, so I’m a bit concerned.

  1. Hi there . I hope that others are able to chime in with personal experiences on Arava. Of course each person is very different in how a treatment may impact them, so we always encourage you to bring up any questions/concerns you have with your doctor. Here is some basic information on Arava — Also, here is some personal input from one of our contributors that you might find informative — Do your best to pay attention to your body and report any weird symptoms that you experience right away – you know your body better than anyone else. Please feel free to keep us updated. Best, Ashley (Team Member)

    1. Hi, yes I was on Arava in 2017 only for 2 months. I reacted with a hives rash. Was not very comfortable. My family Dr. took me off of it gave me an RX for cream and we notified my Rheumatologist. I went from having a terrible reaction to Methotrexate of hives rash after 6 months on it then 2 months later on to Arava. After going off of Arava I was having alot of other health issues I chose to give my body a break from Dmards.
      That's my dealings with Arava. I know we are all different and it was a good med. and I hope you do great on it. I have quite a few medications that I have reactions too.


      1. I also developed a rash soon after taking Arava so back to methotrexate.

    2. Thank you for sharing. The methotrexate did not give me any side effects. I am hoping Arava will not either.
      Have a blessed day and stay safe in this pandemic.

      1. I did try it for about 5 months and lost a lot of my hair and it made me super nauseous.

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