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Feeling confused

Ok, here goes:
I am 55, and have been just diagnosed with ra (rf negative, inflammation seen on mri). Additionally they diagnosed me with celiacs disease ( even though I have been eating gluten free for over 5 years). I also have had low thyroid since '92 and been on medication for that.

My thumb joints hurt just to drive. Other joints in fingers very sore ( hard to use a knife, open jars etc). I am noticing my feet throb...etc. the worst part is how tired I am. It feels like a whole body fatigue. I seem to wake up tired and take a long time to feel awake. Do others have this?

I am on hydroxychloroquine, which I started last Monday. I understand this takes a long time to be effective. My doctor suggested a short round of prednisone. Worth it?

I am looking for feedback regarding the varied symptoms I have. Do any of you have aches and pains, general throbbing in joints? I feel like every ache and pain now has me wondering if it is ra. How do I know?

I am getting a second opinion ( perhaps I am in denial).
I hope this makes sense to someone out there..

Feeling very lost...

  1. Yes, I remember feeling lost that first year. But you have a diagnosis, though I wonder if they checked for HLA-B27 [which could indicated another form of autoimmune arthritis].
    The drug you're on can take a while to work. How long will they keep you on it if it does not appear to be working? What's the next drug they will use?
    Just know that once they find the right treatment for you, life will be vastly improved. I've been living with this disease for 30 years.

    1. I think most people on this site will relate to at least some parts of your story. I can relate to most parts. You ask if using prednisone is worth it? I would definitely follow your doctor's lead in this matter. No one can answer if it is or not but you and them.

      In the 20+ years, I have been dealing with RA. the only times I have been upset with what my doctor said was when he asked if I wanted the cast he was suggesting. Not, not going to do it. Ok, he said, but you will regret it.

      Yeah, I did.

      1. If we can turn this around....what was the most beneficial question your rheumatologist every asked you?

        Mine asked me if I wanted him to sign off on a handicapped placard for my car - several times - and I turned him down each time. Until one day when I limped into his office......he didn't ask....he gave me the signed form. Bless that man.

        I don't use it all the time....but it's there on "those days" when I really need it.

        1. , I like this idea! I would love to know more people's answers to your question! Best, Erin, Team Member.

      2. hi vv7ela.
        I am 67 and was just diagnosed recently. I ,too, have a wheat allergy and thyroid disease. I started same medication as you but when symptoms in hands got worst with swelling and pain, I was started on prednisone. I am now off prednisone and I feel better. The fatigue has been a long problem with me and I always thought it was my thyroid . I also walk the line with diabetes. After the two medications even my A1C is very much improved. The fatigue is still present but much improved. Sleeping is so much better and I dont feel like a dead weight in bed.
        There is much you can learn from others experience that can give you knowledge and hope. I know through what I read here that if I am having concerns and problems , it would be wise to contact your doctor.
        I feel for you and sending positive energy and hope. Love, elirose

        1. Hello, and I hope you are feeling well today. Your counsel is wise and I am so glad that happy you decided to comment on this post. I also have diabetes and can only imagine the difficulty of using prednisone with diabetes. I tell my doctors that any day I do not need prednisone is a good day.


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