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Feeling confused

Ok, here goes:
I am 55, and have been just diagnosed with ra (rf negative, inflammation seen on mri). Additionally they diagnosed me with celiacs disease ( even though I have been eating gluten free for over 5 years). I also have had low thyroid since '92 and been on medication for that.

My thumb joints hurt just to drive. Other joints in fingers very sore ( hard to use a knife, open jars etc). I am noticing my feet throb...etc. the worst part is how tired I am. It feels like a whole body fatigue. I seem to wake up tired and take a long time to feel awake. Do others have this?

I am on hydroxychloroquine, which I started last Monday. I understand this takes a long time to be effective. My doctor suggested a short round of prednisone. Worth it?

I am looking for feedback regarding the varied symptoms I have. Do any of you have aches and pains, general throbbing in joints? I feel like every ache and pain now has me wondering if it is ra. How do I know?

I am getting a second opinion ( perhaps I am in denial).
I hope this makes sense to someone out there..

Feeling very lost...

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