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Does anyone also have fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis?

My pain is ongoing and out of control. Currently on Humeria, gabapentin and duloxitine. Taking tramadol for a cervical spine issue an nothing is working, I'd appreciate any feedback on anyone's similar experiences and what your doing.

  1. I am sorry you are in such pain, singlegal! Since you are already on some pretty strong pain medications, it may be time to see about seeing a pain specialist. Your physician may be able to refer you to one, if you haven't already done this.

    I hate to offer proverbial "band aids" to someone that is in serious pain, but because the medications don't appear to be helping much, my only two suggestions would be discussing this with your doctor and looking into more natural pain managing techniques. Here is some information on various pain relief options -- And here is some information on alternative therapies you may consider -- Please note that I am not recommending or endorsing any of these treatment options. Each person has to decide what works best for them. I just wanted to share some of the things our members have tried to help manage their pain issues.

    Good luck and I sincerely hope you get some relief very, very soon! Best, Erin, Team member.

    1. Singlegal,
      I have osteoarthritis in addition to the RA. I've had 5 surgeries on my feet. There are 17 pieces of hardware in my right foot.(3 months after these surgeries I get diagnosed with severe RA.
      Therefore I am very familiar with your pain issues. Since you are not on any opioids at this time and Tramadol has not relieved my bone pain in the least, I would ask your doctor if a low dose opioid might be more beneficial. No medical advice being given here, but because of my familiarity with your specific meds I can say that one is for neuropathy (initial use was to prevent seizures) and the other one I take for depression (it was secondly patented for arthritis pain when the patent was up for its diagnosis to treat depression). You can google this info. So I agree with Erin, you should consider asking your doctor to refer you to a pain specialist if he is not comfortable prescribing you something that will work for you.

  2. I am so sorry. I also have RA, Fibro and osteo. I take a combination of medications: Xeljanz for RA, Celebrex for osteo, Trazadone for Fibro, and Escitalopram for depression. When my fibro was really bad, I also took Savella. One thing I have learned, medication is an art, not just a science. It takes multiple trials to determine which medication will work with your specific blood chemistry. My combo works for me most of the time. When I have a flare, I take a steroid shot and use opioids.
    When you visit your doctor, tell him how your pain is affecting your daily activities. How you can no longer walk to the mailbox, wash your hair, etc. That will give him a better idea of what you are going through.
    Praying for an answer soon.

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