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flare again

Hi all, Once more out of action. I have been reminded that you can't burn the candle at both ends when you have RA. Have been working hard for the past month working on an election campaign for my party. Long hours in the sub tropical, hot sun with not much rest. I'm paying for it now, as I have been out of action for a week with the worst flare I've had in four years. both hands, wrists and knees too. I started my rescue high dose of Cortisone 3 days ago and knees have started to improve, but the hands and fingers are still swollen, red, excruciatingly painful and stiff. Typing this is giving me a lot of difficulty, but won't let it stop me. You learn to bit very stubborn with this disease, have to be or you wouldn't do anything.
Went the doctor the other morning to get my B12 shot, as the RA has caused Pernicious anaemia, and he has done blood tests to check my levels of ANA CRP and ESR, Waiting on the results on Tuesday. Hopefully, it will resolve itself in the next few days, until next time, that is.

  1. Sounds like you're a type A person like me. I can't seem to learn the lesson and pay for it after overdoing it. Hope things settle down for you soon!

    1. Thank you for your good wishes. Yes, you're right Andrew. I am type A. While running my Boer goat stud, I also wrote a book for CSIRO Australia on all aspects of goat husbandry, breeding and diseases. Took 3 years to do. Also, write novels and paint and sketch. Bit of photography on the side. Write for a farming advice website too- Farmstyle Australia. Also read everything I can get my hands on- from novels to science. You know how it is, have to do something, as I can't just sit around and smell the roses. Unlike yourself, I'm not a professor, but that is my nick name. How embarrassing!

      I don't think I'm over the worst of this flare yet, as it has moved into a couple a new and interesting joints now. Cortisone should kick in by tomorrow I hope.

      1. Hi again,
        well flare easing but blood test results were way too high, so still on high dose of prednisone. Now having to watch what I eat, as my appetite has increased enormously. Watch out passing elephants and whole oxen. Seriously though, it is good to be able to move again.

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