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Flare in Ankles

Hello all,

I am experiencing a flare that causes pain in the inside and outside of ankles and down the sides of feet. There's not much swelling. It is a 24/7 thing and not limited to morning. It feels like a sprain or bad bruise and doesn't keep my from walking, but I would not want to grocery shop or do extended walking. Feeling every step this way would wear me out. They hurt just sitting here.

Do any fellow RA people experience this or something similar? This is just an example. It seems that it is always something like this. Generally, ankles, forefeet, wrists, fingers, and sometimes knees and hips. Neck is affected too. There is almost always fatigue.

Is this normal for someone who has been treated with MTX and plaquenil for over a year? It certainly has improved since starting treatment. Maybe this is as good as it gets?

My RA was severe and fairly advanced at diagnosis, i.e. foot xrays showed joint erosion and the bones have shifted. Small nodules developed on distal joints in fingers. So maybe diagnosis and treatment were just to late to achieve remission, barring a miracle or something.

Please share what your daily experience with RA.


  1. Jane, the damage and pain of RA can be persistent and affects individuals differently. If you're feeling an increase in joints hurting, stiffness etc. it may be time to talk to your doctor about updating your treatment plan. Here's an article that may help on judging the effectiveness of treatments: A year is a good length of time for medication to be working. However, sometimes medications lose effectiveness and need to be adjusted or a different combination tried. Hope this helps. -Kelly (Site Moderator)

    1. I mentioned it to my rheumatologist at the last appointment and she said she might need to change my diagnosis to osteoarthritis. This gave me the impression that she doesn't appreciate me complaining about break-through RA symptoms in my treatment.

      I plan to schedule an appointment with the rheumatologist who my GP referred me initially.

      My doctor sees the ongoing swelling in my fingers and wrists and that seems to be all she is interested in. She hasn't ordered new xrays and I feel like she dismisses my issues.

      Despite the fact that I continue to work and persevere. I find it extremely condescending. Especially considering that I am not on pain medication and work my butt off as a self-employed person.

      Very annoying.

      1. Jane, there are very specific diagnostic guidelines for RA. You can read about them at this article - Perhaps you should seek a second opinion.

    2. Andrew,

      Thanks for the reminder. I can mark each box on the RA diagnosis criteria. Perhaps it is hersense of humor. Time for a second opinion.

      Thanks for letting me vent.

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