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Need some relief while waiting for appointment. Any ideas?

Hello all. I was recently diagnosed with RA at the age of 40. My grandmother had it in a severe form. I am currently waiting for a rheumatologist to accept me as a patient. I am told that this appointment may be months out. My question is I believe I am having a flareup.

Signs of my flare

At first it started in my wrist and then then my fingers and my toes. But now it seems to have traveled to my knees and my shoulders. I have tried Ibuprofen and other over the counter meds to no avail. Creams do not work either. I have a very active job where I walk around 17 miles a day so I need to be able to function. I think these are called flare ups? I feel like I am 90 years old! How long do these suckers last? I am going on 3 weeks now and I am at my wits end by not being able to put my hair up in a ponytail. Soooo many questions! Thank y’all in advance for all the help.

  1. Hi ! I do hope you are able to get in to the rheumatologist quickly, although I know the wait for that initial visit tends to be a long one!

    Have you discussed your flare with your regular physician? He/she may be able to offer some suggestions for managing your symptoms during a flare. It may be an option to consider so you can get some relief!

    As far as flares, they can vary in length depending on the individual. Here are some reader tips for managing flares that you might find helpful -- Also, here is another piece on managing flare pain, with community comments at the end of the piece -- I hope some of the tips might give you some ideas to try.

    Again, I hope that appointment comes soon AND you get some relief from the flare!

    Best, Erin, Team Member.

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