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Flare ups, ouch!

I've unfortunately been having a flare up in the last 4 days. I thought it was getting better until my legs began to ache today and haven't stopped. I think I'm finding a relation between my drinking sweet tea and having a flare up, or at least causing leg pain. I'm still new to RA, does it sound right that a food or drink can cause a flare up? Also, since I didn't tolerate the methotrexate well my rheumatologist is starting me on arava. Anyone have any success taking this med? Wishing you all well!

  1. I am sorry you are dealing with a painful flare right now, Savedbygrace. Some of our members have found that certain foods seem to exacerbate flares, but others have found no connection between their diet and flares, so it's hard to say for certain if what you are drinking is causing the problem. You can always try eliminating the suspected culprit and seeing if that helps. You may want to discuss this with your physician as well. I know that some of our members have mentioned that certain foods, like gluten or nightshade vegetables, seem to aggravate their RA symptoms. As far as Arava, I know that some of our members have found it to be quite helpful. Since each person responds differently to treatment, I cannot say whether or not Arava will be a good fit for you. Here is a link to personal stories about Arava that you may find helpful -- I wish you the best of luck and hope this treatment works well for you and gives you some relief from the flares. Thanks for sharing! Best, Erin, Team Member.

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